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Almost encountered a 'Peeking Tom'

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Already up at 4 am for a 'nature call'...and unfortunately I was not able to get back into sleep mode. So I decided to do some reading and thought maybe it would put me back into a na-na land. emoticon
Then I heard this deep breathing or a snorting type of sound outside my side window (about three feet away from my bed.
Not once but 4 times this went on and its nothing I've ever heard before.
So I had to look to see what was out there...I parted my mini and low and behold it was a deer...(much to my relief) which quickly took off for my neighbors yard.
So glad it was a deer and not a person.

It was pretty light out...deer tend to wander in the early hours and at dust.
I'm comparing the noise like a snort from a bull or a horse...very strange I've never heard anything like it myself or any noise from a deer. Its a first for me...What an experience.
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