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Put Down the Duckie

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Those of us of a certain age, probably all have a favorite Sesame Street character. Mines Ernie. He's pesty, adorable, and kind of a prankster. (Sorry, Bert.) Ernie loves his rubber duckie, but he also has a song that goes, "You got to put down the duckie, if you want to play the saxophone."

This song has been running through my head in the last couple of days. I've put down the cane I have used for the better part of 2 years (or more), and I am walking around without it. I am sore. I am not perfectly balanced, but I am making good progress. I am not running around, but I feel great, earning the use of another hand back (no longer using it to manage cane.)

My hubby has probably noticed I have been leaving it in the living room, instead of taking it to the bedroom with me. We are on opposite working shifts currently, so we connect on weekends. I have not told him that I am on Day 3 of walking mostly without it (still use for stairs), and I am not going to tell him. I just want him to see me in action of not using it. BY the time the weekend rolls around, I hope I am feeling even stronger than I am now.

Yesterday, I took a big leap of faith and LEFT IT IN MY CAR when I arrived to work. I gave myself my pep talk.

I am so proud of myself and I believe I can do this!

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