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August goals and accountability

Friday, August 02, 2019

Much of auust goals remain same as before but just keep tweaking them .
70 years old and determined to make this the best year I can possibly have and not complain of being "OLD LADY" I am Pre-diabetic with no meds; celiac so gluten free; have heart disease with stents and congestive failure; neuropathy and fibromyalgia and arthritis limiting mobility. Basically low glycemic, whole food diet with alternating up and down calorie goals.
Sunday, Tues, Thur and Saturday are UpDays [1200-1500cal.]
Monday - Wed - Friday are DownDays of 500 to 600 calories
I am Pre-diabetic with no meds but test morning fasting blood sugars and occasional other spot checking - Goal is to get under 100 fasting _ averaging 110
Recording stats on foods: Calories, carbs-fibers=net carbs Fats and saturated fats [Dr orders to not have more than half of fats be saturated! Proteins
Macros "just to see ball park numbers/ratios"
Weight goal is STILL to see ONEderland … Started July @207# August 1@205.5#
Sleep Goal is 7+ hours in bed w/ CPAP and nap 4 days a week with feet elevated
Steps on pedometer - goal is over 4000 3xwk and over 3000 3xwk. and 2500 1xwk
I am active on one Facebook page for alternate day and one for diabetes.
August main goal is to survive the hard harvest season of Farmer's markets and maintain mobility and weight loss and health in general.
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