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Got through the weekend, whew.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

I work every other weekend and I find those times to be particularly stressful and rife with emotional eating. No matter what I do, I always end up losing it and eating whatever treats and food is around (which I am allowed to eat). So a couple weeks ago I inquired here about what I could do about this and "bring your own healthy food" was basically the consensus. This is where weight loss is 100% mental, because of course I have tried this many times in the past. It's really not the how, it's the mind-set. Last week I hand-shredded 2 pounds of carrots and made carrot salad I had wanted to try, thinking I could snack on that all day. Well, I barely touched it, and in fact I ended up just chucking it in the oven and cooking them. I stress ate a lot and let my emotions control me.

This weekend I tried another approach (that I have also tried many times in the past) and wrote down every damned thing I planned to eat for that whole day. I just had to accept that leaving anything up to chance on these weekends is a recipe for disaster because I'm already stressed out on my work weekends so I'm already searching for the relief (which is food) and if I don't have a plan it makes it that much easier to go for the cookies, hot pockets, frozen burritos, and little debbie kind of stuff that is always at work. This time I mapped out all of my meals and I don't know why it worked this time but it did. I was more relaxed for reason (maybe because I had a plan).

For breakfast I brought a whole wheat english muffin and used the peanut butter at work, and an Oikos greek yogurt. For lunch I brought a turkey and cheese sandwich and had veggie straws and a nutri grain bar with it - not the best but hey, progress not perfection. I ate the same thing both days. Dinner last night was pasta with white beans and green beans (I need to go grocery shopping). Dinner tonight is going to be a soup I'm hodge-podging together with the last random stuff I have at home: beef stock, leftover beans, rice, tomatoes, green peppers.

The past few weeks I have been all over the map as far as my eating habits but over the last week I have felt stronger mentally. I mean hey, I got through this weekend, I know this stuff doesn't last but I've been changing many things in my life recently (and have been dieting most of my life) and I know when things feel different. I've been able to finally be successful in college after failing out twice before. I've been back for 2 semesters (next semester starting on Tuesday) and have gotten all A's. I've also gotten health insurance back after having no insurance for the last 5 years *insert expletives* so I'm even more motivated to get my health under control. I have my first appointment scheduled for September 9th, that will be interesting I'm sure. I'm also slightly anxious to get a pain in my side checked out. Trying not to think about it until then! It's not severe pain it's just like an ache but it won't go away.

So yeah, this weekend went well for me and I guess I'll have to copy & paste what I did onto the future weekends. Oh yeah, I've also been (successfully this time) making sure I get 72-82 ounces of water every day. If for no other reason than to know that if I feel weird physically for some reason, that it's not because of dehydration. Hope you are all doing well. I have to go make dinner before I fall asleep.

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    emoticon emoticon
    619 days ago
    neat idea to "copy and paste" this success into your future, sort of like using a template for success.
    621 days ago
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