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Analysis of Past 2 Weeks

Monday, January 20, 2020

Over the past two weeks I have been working to try to make some improvements as my journey has progressed. I have succeeded in making improvements in some areas, and some areas still need some work. I have continued to gain weight but I have been exercising consistently 5-6 times a week, so I know my diet still needs work. I have gained muscle so I know the exercise is making a difference. I have made improvements with meditation, reading, and listening to podcasts--all positive movement in the right direction. Here is my analysis of the past two weeks.

January 08
Weight 273
Body Water 35.9%
Body Fat 49.7%
Bone Mass 7.4 lb
BMI 44.4
Visceral Fat 14
BMR 1857
Muscle Mass 129.6 lb

January 20
Weight 280.2
Body Water 35.9%
Body Fat 49.7%
Bone Mass 7.8lb
BMI 45.6
Visceral Fat 15
BMR 1891Kcal
Muscle Mass 133.2lb

While initially it looks bad that I gained 7.2 lbs in 2 weeks, I actually don't think this is the case. I actually believe a lot of this is water in the muscles because my muscles are growing. I posted an article about this on one of my previous blogs. I have taken ownership of my diet in one of my previous blogs and admitted that there is still some work that needs to be done with my diet, and I know that partially I need to cut back on some calories, but I don't think my diet is solely to blame here for weight gain. I really think a lot of this is due to muscle building. This is why: I have been exercising a LOT. Oftentimes I exercise 25 minutes in the morning and another 15 or so in the afternoon. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but I am mostly sedentary and for me this IS a lot plus I walk 3K usually sometimes 4K and for me with my disabilities this is a lot of walking. So I am actually getting a lot of exercise. And when you are a mostly sedentary person you don't have to do a lot of exercise to get a big return. When you are a super active person you actually have to do MORE to get a return. Which seems unfair but that's how it is. Also, let's look at my other stats. My body water is the same. So I haven't lost any body water. This is very much a positive thing. Especially considering that I haven't been consistent about taking my water pills and my water consumption hasn't been particularly high. My sodium intake has also been quite high. My body fat is the same. I haven't gained any body fat. If I had actually gained real weight I would've been gaining body fat as well. I actually INCREASED my bone mass by .4lb. This is really positive. This means my bones are getting stronger. Exercise is making a difference here. BMI went up but that is because my weight went up. Visceral Fat went up a point, which is bad, but I think that's due to eating too high fat of a diet and that's the part of my diet I need to work on. I increased my BMR so metabolism is improved and I increased my muscle mass 3.6 pounds. So that is why I think I'm getting more muscular and that my weight will iron itself out soon.

I have increased meditation from 2 meditations a day to 3 meditations a day and reading has increased from reading 10 minutes a day to reading several chapters of multiple books a day. Podcasts have gone from listening to one a day to listening to several a day. Water has gone from drinking 2 cups to drinking 4 to sometimes up to 8 cups a day. I even sometimes have nonsmoking days.

So in the past two weeks I have made significant improvements. Just to keep improving 1% every day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are making great progress! Way to go!
    552 days ago
    My dear, you are doing well. You are working on a lot of healthy lifestyle habits and it doesn't all happen @ once. So, keep up the good work, I say!
    553 days ago
    Great work! Best wishes this week!
    553 days ago
    Keep at it
    553 days ago
    I see a person who is doing an amazing job of looking at there body and tracking. Don't stop! We may not see the results right away but stick with it, keep moving forward and your results will begin to shine thru! You're an inspiration to me. TU!
    553 days ago
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