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Weigh-In #66

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

It is beginning to appear as though I may be right about the muscle inflammation. My weight has been steadily going down these past couple of days and I've been mostly hanging onto the muscle that I recently gained. My other stats are looking way better, as well, and everything is going in a more positive direction right now. I haven't changed the composition of my diet at all, although my calories fluctuate naturally. I don't force myself to eat a certain amount of calories persay. I eat when I'm hungry and whatever amount of calories I end up with at the end of the day is what I end up with so trying to keep it in a certain range has been pretty unreliable for me so far. I ate about 4,000 calories yesterday and lost 2 lbs. I ate about 1800 calories today and lost 2 more pounds. I did two workouts yesterday and one today.

Starting Weight: 296.6
Last Weigh In: 278.4
Current Weight: 276
Weight Lost This Week: -2.4 lbs
Total Weight Lost: -20.8 lbs
back to a 20 lb loss. I'm not worried so much about numbers right now because I know that my body is working on building muscle and what's important is that I just keep exercising and eating according to my hunger signals and working on my health.

Starting Body Water: 36.9%
Last Body Water %: 35.8%
Current Body Water %: 36%
Body Water Gained: +0.2%
Total Body Water Gained: -0.4%
gained some body water. didn't take my water pills today or drink any water but sodium was way down today so that helped I'm sure.

Starting Body Fat: 48.3%
Last Body Fat %: 49.8%
Current Body Fat %: 49.5%
Body Fat Lost: -0.3%
Total Body Fat Lost: +1.2%
body fat is down quite a bit. my fat intake was also down quite a bit today as well as my calorie intake so that could've affected my body fat.

Starting Muscle Mass: 144.6lb
Last Muscle Mass: 131.8 lbs
Current Muscle Mass: 131.6 lbs
Muscle Mass Gained: -0.2 lbs
Total Muscle Mass Gained: -13 lbs
didn't lose a lot of muscle considering how much weight I lost, so nothing too bad here.

Bone Mass
Starting Bone Mass:8.6 lb
Last Bone Mass:7.8 lb
Current Bone Mass 7.8 lb
Bone Mass Gained +/- 0 lb
Total Bone Mass Gained -0.8 lb
bone mass is the same. don't usually see a lot of change here.

Visceral Fat
Starting VF 13
Last VF 15
Current VF 14
VF Lost -1
Total VF Lost +1
Improved my visceral fat! Very happy about this. Bringing down my visceral fat is especially important and something I'm working hard to do and is something that's especially hard to do.

So things are looking good right now. I'd like to see more improvement moving into February.
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