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2 years away... Back ☆July 2020!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

I was last here in Oct 2018...
Today, I'm ~272lbs, 10lbs heavier.

Since I was last here, my Aunt, died. I'd taken care of her for 5 years, the last 3 of which she was wheelchair bound.

I'm so very glad I was able to "ship her off to Idaho" before she died. You see, my Aunt Joan had a Daughter, 3 Grandchildren, & 2 Great Grandchildren in Idaho. They weren't able to care for her, as I'd been doing but, by the time we moved her, she was ready to go into a Care Home. I had enough energy to get her moved there & her home cleared out, so we could rent it. At 65, if I'd had to endure caring for Joan until the very end, I probably wouldn't have had enough steam in me to get her place cleaned out & rented. Not to mention having to deal with my mother through the Very Stressful Ordeal!!!

Besides losing Joan, we also lost Tina... Tina the White Terrier had been my Aunt's dog first, then my Mum's dog, & finally Tina got dumped on me. I did NOT want Tina!!! She was untrained, dirty & matted, with fleas & she BIT People!!! She'd Nipped at me a number of times!! I rather hated the dog!!!

Fast forward 2-3 years... I began taking Tina to the groomer every 2 months, I trained her to sit, stay, come, etc. & I made sure she got flea medicine on a regular basis... Tina became by Dearest Little Buddy & Walking Companion... By the time she died at 14 years old, I was devastated & heartbroken!!! Tears would well up each time I'd look at her empty bed & dog bowls!!!

Within a week of losing Tina, I found little Wally Boy!!! He's only 10lbs, a third the size of Tina, & he's very different from her... Still, he's small & white & Adorable!!! Wally is a Spitz Mix, possibly part Chihuahua, who was saved from South Korea where they would have eaten him!!!

So, with the Summer of 2020 swiftly sailing by, I wanted to make a Commitment to getting back on track at working towards getting fitter!!! The Corona Virus has probably resulted in a more Sedentary Summer than ever & it's been Stressful as I've been dealing with my often difficult Mum.

So, I bought a new FitBit & got back on Sparkpeople, springing for the Premium from the get go!!!

Well, that's enough for my 1st Blog back, after ~ 2 years... I Pray I will make Progress & Stick with it this time!!!
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