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Sunday, August 23, 2020

I keep my stats on my info page but thought I would post them in a blog today.....

Highest Weight (HW) 435 - BMI Feb 1st 2016 = 68.1 super-super-morbidly obese
Surgery Weight (SW) 352 lbs - BMI June 24th 2020 = 55.1 super morbidly obese
Current Weight (CW) 314 lbs - BMI August 23rd 2020 = 49 morbidly obese or class 3 obesity
Goal Weight (GW) 159 lbs - BMI = DATE??? = 24.9

of course now they have changed the classifications of BMI, but that was how the classifications went when I started... this is current information

BMI Classification[16]
18.5 or less underweight
18.5-24.9 normal weight
25.0-29.9 overweight
30.0-34.9 class I obesity
35.0-39.9 class II obesity
40.0 or more class III obesity
The surgical literature breaks down class III obesity into further categories, though the exact values are still disputed.

A BMI above 35 is severe obesity
A BMI above 40 is morbid obesity
A BMI above 50 is super obese

I find it very satisfying to go over my stats, I am going to get brave very soon and take some measurements.

Thanks of coming along for the ride!
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