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WHEW the Elliptical!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

So when I first started working out in August i had been working out about 4 days and i decided i was gonna get on the elliptical and try it out. I was barely able to do 2 minutes. (shows you how out of shape i really was) I could barely walk a quarter of mile without my lower back killing me because i have a job that requires me to sit 8 hours a day and then on top of that i would continue to sit on my butt while on the computer or watching tv, not doing much movements. After being able to barely do two minutes I decided it wasn't for me, i didn't like it and the next two days i could barely walk! Keep in mind at this time the only thing i had done my first week at the gym was walking on the treadmill, and then i added in the elliptical and could barely walk the next two days. fast forward to the end of November, i was in much better shape than I was in August had already dropped 30 pounds and decided to give that monster of a machine another go. I was able to do six and a half minutes which my distance was just over a quarter of a mile. The next evening I decided to try it again and I was so amazed that I was able to push myself to do 10 minutes which I made a half mile in distance. The next night I got on it again and push even harder and was able to do a complete mile. after taking my rest day and then going back I went the full 30 minute cycle that the machine will allow you to do at a time and was able to go 1.60 miles in 30 minutes. I was so happy because I knew at that point that I had over come my fears of that dreadful machine and now it is one of my favorite machines.

My point to my story is, don't be afraid to try something different with our workout if you start out slow and steady then thats fine, you will build up to it. I had to face my fear of that machine because I didn't want it to defeat me, and now i get on it everytime i go to the gym. Try something new with your workout, and then look at your self a month from then and see how far you were able to go, how much better you feel. IT IS WORTH IT!!
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