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Secret to Longevity?

Sunday, December 27, 2020

In the news...All over the Internet...It's about HIIT exercise.

"Secret to Longevity? 4-Minute Bursts of Intense Exercise May Help"

Dozens of sources, but no links to the actual study.
But, I found it here...


Published in October of 2020, but now news today for some reason.
I read it and it's a long read.

In a nutshell, working out at 90% max heart rate "May" add to your longevity.

I can do better than that. I say, eat right and get more rest so that you can get healthy enough to do exercise. That's my plan at least.

This is why I stopped eating added sugar. I learned to read food labels and realized that the food industry is not helping me stay healthy. I avoid processed foods, added sugar, sodas, juices, and artificial sweeteners. Stick with whole (unprocessed) foods, lose the weight, and stay well enough to do moderate exercise.

Count them calories. Costs nothing and it works. SPARKPeople helps.

I'm still counting my calories and I'm very close to my goal.

I have found this to be so true:
Food controls weight, exercise builds strength.

Good day all.
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