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Monday, February 01, 2021

Our weekly BLC challenge encouraged us to journal about all the things we're doing right. This was a fun exercise, and a little bit challenging, because I often spend more time thinking about places where I'm struggling, rather places where I'm cruising along doing well.

Listed out like this, folks, I'm kicking booty! And it feels lovely to write it out and acknowledge how hard I've been working and the progress I've been making. Brace yourselves for some relentless positivity!

emoticon emoticon emoticon Nutrition emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon I've implemented daily tracking (65-day streak!)
emoticon I'm keeping my protein over 90g/day
emoticon I'm keeping my carbs under 30%, usually less than 100g net
emoticon I'm now regularly taking vitamins (magnesium, multi, fish oil, D, biotin)
emoticon I'm trying new recipes & foods
emoticon I'm resisting temptation and pre-planning monthly indulgences to avoid feeling deprived. I've picked one day every month to have a splurge (Christmas day, my birthday in Jan, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's day, my husband's birthday in April, etc), and it seems to be working well; when the “urge to splurge” hits throughout the month, so far I’ve been able to convince myself to wait for my planned monthly treat day, and when the day arrives I’ve been choosing something reasonable like dark chocolate.

emoticon emoticon emoticon Exercise emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon I'm doing weekly strength training
emoticon I'm using my elliptical
emoticon I'm trying new & fun sources of physical activity, like Beat Saber
emoticon I'm tracking steps (Fitbit) and increasing movement
emoticon I didn't let my foot injury derail my progress and motivation

emoticon emoticon emoticon Other successes emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon I'm going to sleep earlier
emoticon I'm taking better care of my appearance (hair & clothes & lipstick)
emoticon I'm trying meditation (mindful meals, Headspace on Netflix, etc)
emoticon I'm tidying and de-cluttering (most days at least 15min/day)
emoticon I'm weighing daily but trying not to focus on the scale
emoticon I've lost 15+ pounds
emoticon I'm pampering myself with regular non-food rewards
emoticon I’ve vastly increased my water intake, drinking 30oz before breakfast, 30oz before lunch, and usually another 30oz between lunch and dinner, plus other liquids like tea, sparking water, etc.
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