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beyond the disordered eating: R & J news, et al

Friday, February 05, 2021

A few updates on what my life is about when not focused on food.

My pedometer tells me I am walking less on average than last year, I in 2020, I walked less than in 2019. There is really no good excuse in SoCal, as we can’t blame not getting out there on the weather. I have been using my rebounder a bit and am determined to get in a minimum of 3 miles a day, five days a week, for the next two weeks. I can go farther, but no less. My Washington friend is in town and we will take a long walk Sunday morning.

I’ve been involved in two acting classes, one Shakespeare, one not. We had our nonShakespeare performance last Tuesday night. I was playing a slightly drunk woman. I had a room divider behind my couch to hide the rest of the apartment. I had it stretched rather far because the lens on my computer is rather wide. I didn’t feel myself touch the divider when putting my hand on the back of the couch at one point, but I did because the divider fell backward during the middle of the scene. I barely saw it but knew it was happening and just kept going as I know in theater, they say to do your best not to let on there is a problem. I haven’t watched the replay yet. Apparently during tech rehearsal, I also flashed my underwear a few times. I was wearing a skirt and changing positions on the couch. Thankfully I could just go into the bedroom and get some black tights. An advantage of home Zoom productions. I was playing a character who is invested in her seductiveness so the director wanted me to keep the skirt.

I had been planning to wait and let Kaiser tell me when I was eligible for their vaccine scheduling, having tried online through local government health sites and getting so frustrated from multiple unexplained errors that I was ready to scream. I think I did scream a few times because my throat feels raw. But Kaiser made it sound like it could be quite awhile before they felt they had enough vaccine to beyond tier 1a. I decided to try again yesterday morning. Miraculously, on one of the attempts, a completely different box opened that allowed me to get to the end and schedule an appointment in the next 75 minutes. I had seen earlier that there were appts. available and it just irked the heck out of me that those spots would go unfilled while the website wouldn’t let me book. The other night, I had seen lines of cars backed up from blocks away from the target site and worried that I would be able to time it right because they asked that I not show up more than 15 minutes early. I got to the intersection about a block from the entrance 35 minutes early and it still took right up until my appointment time to travel about four blocks total. Then it went very smoothly and I have a nicely sore arm, a precious vaccine card, and my follow up appointment already made.

Which is really good because my big news is that I have landed the part of the nurse in a small production of Romeo and Juliet- in ENGLAND! If all goes well, we will be acting at the end of May on a stage in Reading, about an hour from London. If there is no audience- I am guessing there won’t be-, the production will be filmed by two cameras and livestreamed so that anyone in the world can watch it, if they’re awake! I am incredibly lucky to get the part, even though it’s not a paid gig. (It is a fundraiser. They will give up a few nights' stay in a local hotel but it will not cover the whle time we foreigners- there is at least one other American and a Russian woman coming- will have to quarantine. There were over 100 people who auditioned. I used a monologue of the nurse as my audition piece and I know I did a very good and unusual interpretation, but honestly, I don’t know if I can bring that same inventiveness to the rest of her lines. But I will move forward despite my doubts. The director liked me and has seen me at online readings so he must think I can give him what he wants.

In fact, this trip will cost me quite a bit, but I have always been a good saver, never really having a lot of “things” I wanted, but knowing that I would spend on the right experiences if offered. This (and the $ I have been spending on some acting classes, way less than if I had majored in drama in college), is definitely one of them. In my groups, I am meeting young people who are paying lots of money to study in England and live there for years at a time, so this is my education money. I have had people tell me I should get into theater but it is such a competitive medium that I didn’t feel I could bet on it and I know that some of the people have day jobs for sure. Anyway, it’s a thrill simply to have been chosen. They are using a much smaller cast, only eight characters, so I will actually be playing a bigger proportion of the play than is usual. I am a little scared realizing that there will be people watching who don’t know me and have no reason to try to say nice things. But I don’t pretend I am the ideal nurse, just someone who will do her best to honor the production.

I can't say that I am as productive with my time preparing as I could be, but I am taking steps, and that's all I can ask of myself.
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