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A Day in the Life of Two Old(er) People: Feb 10 ~ Walking at the Y

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Anyone who knows me also knows that I am not a fan of exercise. But, I know very well that in order to be able to keep moving, we have to keep moving. While I've been pretty awful about doing this on a consistent basis, I've had spurts when I managed to be more diligent. In particular, the 5% Challenges have helped, as well as being on a competitive team (I'm currently on the Spirited Underdogs team).

I have been married for over 55 years to a wonderful guy who has been a rock and steady presence in my life ever since our blind date way back when I was a second year nursing student. Richard's 5 years older than me, and while he grew up on a farm and was physically active working on the farm at an early age, as well as being an athlete who had a horrible time giving that up as he got older, in recent years, he has become very much a recliner potato. Hard work and athletics helped him to develop severe arthritis, and he's had multiple joint replacements (both hips, both shoulders, and surgery to fuse an ankle). He also has two bad knees now. He recovers well, but sits--all the time. Until now!!!

We have a brand new beautiful Y that just opened a few weeks ago. Our Medicare coverage includes a membership to the Y. Richard must have gotten tired of me asking him to go with me because he finally agreed. Masks are required to enter (we wear ours all the time regardless, as neither of us is working out hard enough to need extra air...LOL). The walking track is perfect for us. Each lap is 1/8th mile. Because Richard's mobility is so limited he decided to use his metal crutches in order to stand up straighter and to have good support when he needs it. Because of his competitiveness in athletics, it was a hard sell that the goal is not for him to go as fast as possible, but to just keep moving. Our son helped convince him of that, as well. Neither of us sets any speed or distance records, but dang...he's moving and I'm moving. Granted, we only get there every other day, but it makes me so happy and he hasn't quit yet. Here he is finishing his 4 laps (1/2 mile). I'm up to 10 laps...yea for me, too!
I know it's hard to see, but I just wanted to share our progress. I'm so proud of him...how can I not keep moving when he's making the effort!
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    emoticon emoticon Way to go!!!
    72 days ago
    Wonderful Jeannie! WTG . . . as you continue to go, you will continually be more and more blessed. I really commend you both for joining and being active there. The YMCA has something for every age level and physical ability. I was a member of the Y for many, many years but since I moved out of the county and the pandemic hit I no longer go. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    76 days ago
    I just had to meet someone named Jeannie, spelled the same as my DD (AKA Hayburner1969)
    Joe & I married in 1967 and together since 1963 so we have a lot in common there.
    What a beautiful gym. Ours is not so great but we support it because it is the 'Y" and they do a lot for the community. They do have a pool, but we haven't been there in a year. They try to take precautions but we live in an area where people do not and sadly even ridicule those who do.

    I agree exactly. We must keep moving or we won't be able to.

    78 days ago
    I was thinking of getting a standing rolling walker so I would stand rather than bend when I walk. Then PT began to help so I didn;t order it and then they called and suggested that I wait until I had both vaccines . Still waiting for first.
    83 days ago
    Its wonderful to see you and your hubby still enjoying spending time together after all those years! And it is always nice to have someone to exercise with.
    emoticon emoticon
    84 days ago
    Jeannie that is awesome! I feel for Richard having multiple spare parts myself I know how tempting it is to joint the recliner brigade ! Honestly though we are like machinery better off if we keep moving!
    84 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Wonderful that the two of you are walking the track at the Y. I hope your husband continues to walk. It is the walking, nor the distance that counts when starting out. For some just the fact of making it around the track keeps them coming back. to see how many times they can go around the track each visit. Every other day is fine when first starting out, especially with bad knees.
    84 days ago
    LOVE THIS JEANNIE so MUCH!!! WOW Richard you GO GUY!! WOOHOO (hearing the long ago CHEERS From the crowd when you handled the ball so well!) still cheering you on!! AND THEY WOULD be if they could see you!!

    And Jeanne, of course YOU TOO!! WTG on doing 10 laps!!! Hehehehe had you RUN AWAY From the kennel for a tiny bit? ME TOO!! We traveled together, but we aren't giving away what we did!! Shhhhhhh!! OH, and we even brought Lois back with us!! WOOHOO ON THAT!
    84 days ago
    It is great that you and your husband are exercsing together, Jeannie! My husband is ten years older than me but he is always working outside so he gets a lot of exercise.
    84 days ago
  • JAMER123
    That is so awesome, Jeannie! So glad Richard is at least going every other day with you. And I am sure it's not easy to say you will be walking out the door with the weather you all have been having.
    We have been in the RGV for 2 weeks now and the weather is degrading beginning in the night through next Tues. morning. Possible freezes and intermittent rain. There is concern for the fruit and produce.
    Take care and it's good to hear from you. I will stop by your page later.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    84 days ago
  • JILLIAN0216
    I love this. Look at you 2 go! I wish I had a place like this in my town.
    84 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Ya'al are absolutely emoticon
    So great that you both are getting in those steps and oh yeah...the ole Move it or Lose it !!
    Working on building up after that bout with Covid...I always remind me....
    emoticon ..slow and steady won the race!!

    84 days ago
    Team work. Be proud of yourself. That's an accomplishment to get him to join you and now you have a walking buddy. Win/Win! Our supplemental won't pay for Silver Sneakers. I wonder if they would cover the Y? For us to use the Y, it's a 30 mile round trip, but what price is better health?

    Great photo! Stay safe. Be well. emoticon
    84 days ago
  • RKEKES1968
    Great for you guys ! I know how hard it can be for you to move. My father is 83 and with multiple issues attacking him. His walking distance is not far at all ! Both of you should be very proud of yourselves !!!
    84 days ago
    Congratulations on both of you getting moving! Certainly wish my husband would at least try. I do Walk at Home videos with Leslie Sansone which are great even though some modifications from intensity are necessary for me. Have a great day! emoticon
    84 days ago
    wow, you two rock. I wish we had someplace here where you could just walk. The school used to let you go in after school but they had so many after school activities that it became almost impossible. So I stopped going. And I so need to walk, as I am getting so creeky when I get up to do something.
    84 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Glad you’re walking this path together
    84 days ago
    Love this wish my husband would join me on some exercise. I keep telling him you either use it or loose it! emoticon
    84 days ago
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