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Biggie news!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Hello darling sparklers!

As some of you know I lost my amazing husband 19 months ago after 42 years of a happy marriage.

I floundered for months and months and MONTHS! The lowest part was when Covid shut down my little consignment gallery and I spent so much time at home...alone. Well, I did have my little rescue cat Mackelmore Blue and as cute as he is...he isn't much of a conversationalist. I saw no one for days and days on end.

I'm a VERY social person so this horrible pandemic that caused me to become a shut in was debilitating. The pandemic came not long after Don's death so I lost all of the progress I had made in dealing with my grief from his gigantic loss.

I was eating up a storm and self medicating with at least 2 glasses of wine an evening...sometimes THREE!

I just didn't CARE...about anything. I thought I was making a little progress coming out of my deep grief and then everything was completely stripped away . I regressed BIG TIME!

But I do believe that the heavens put angels in your path when you most need them!

I prayed SO HARD that I would find another good man that could give me the chance for happiness throughout the remainder of my life on this earth. I KNOW without doubt that my two angels, my son Josh who passed from this earth plane in 2006 and my beloved husband who passed in 2019 had a hand in bringing the amazing Michael into my life last December.

There is no jealousy in heaven my friends...only love, and pure love at that.... wishing the very best for our loved ones left behind still struggling with their earth's life journey.

We cannot give up on finding a special someone who wants the same thing we do.

Someone you can admire, respect, adore, and have fun with. Someone who respects you for your point of view and your thoughts and opinions on things.

The amazing Michael is ALL of that!

I'm actually a little in shock that such a wonderful man is still out there! But...LUCKY me...he was and we found each other!

He asked me on St. Patricks day to become exclusive. The LUCK O' THE IRISH my friends. I don't know if I have any Irish in me...but I'd venture to think with this crazy blind luck I surely must. I'll do Ancestry one day and find out...because inquiring minds WANT to know!

I'm also thrilled I'm still losing weight!

I finally had a heart to heart talk with myself one night realizing I was killing myself softly with the unbridled eating and drinking cycle I was on. I knew I had no family that could support me if I got sick. Of course I'm blessed with SO many friends I know for sure that I'd be okay. BUT...friends can only be expected to do so much. Ultimately WE are the ones who are responsible for keeping ourselves healthy!

I've lost -58 lbs. since August and lost some -38 inches overall.

It feels LIBERATING to take control of your own destiny.

Would I have attracted Michael with all of that excess weight baggage...I truly doubt it. Let's just admit that men are very visual and tactile creatures. They like to look at someone who takes pride and care of themselves. It's just the way of the world. Some things you can't change so you do what you need to do to help yourself along the way right?

I'm SO thankful that both Michael and I and many of my friends have received both vaccines!


Here is the Amazing Michael on one of our recent sunset on the beach pics.

YES...we BOTH are glowing.

Love is all there IS in this crazy mixed up world! Love is all there EVER WAS that is good and just in this world.

Open your heart, face your challenges and OVERCOME. If I can do it...anyone with a pure heart and lofty expectations for a better future can do it also.

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