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Monday, April 12, 2021

I went a little over budget over the weekend. I tracked almost all of it, though, which is best for me.

Like yeah, it would not have been too bad if I had just skipped the bread. Did I really need bread three times that day?
It's a weakness for me and I realize that I really need to go cold turkey on it again for awhile.

I'm checking in with a friend every day, just to see how we're doing. I mean we text constantly anyway, but we're there for sharing on the food and sleep and exercise thing as well.

I was pushing myself a bit physically and got a little reminder not to. After cooking and cleaning, I took a slow walk on my treadmill for half an hour... then fell asleep dead to the world for four solid hours (still slept through the night afterward as well). Didn't exercise the following day, but did do more cooking (kids never stop eating lol) and ended up sleeping for another hour.
Well, that's the myasthenia gravis talking.
I take neural stimulants to keep me going physically and mentally and it should NOT be possible for me to take a nap at all. lol. But I needed it and it helped. So that's good.

I do miss moving more, though. But it looks like it is still not in the cards for me. I'll try to work some more NEAT in, but still have to avoid actual exercise.

NEAT = Non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It means the calories you burn through day to day living, not during exercise or sleeping.
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