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Well, the adventure continues

Friday, May 07, 2021

But at least we think,we hope there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. emoticon
Yesterday we went to see the third neurologist in the last few months dealing with my husband‘s lack of feeling in his right leg that is impacting his walking and, of course, his balance.
First we saw a regular neurologist, then sent to a neurosurgeon, who sent us on to a special neurosurgeon who only operates on spinal cords.
I shared before that he has a syrinx in his spinal cord, which is sort of a bubble of fluid caused by some kind of irritation, as far as we can understand.
So here’s the plan… He needs another MRI... he’s already had five or six and he’s severely claustrophobic so they are pretty painful even when he is medicated.
This special MRI actually measures the pressure and flow of the spinal fluid...then they’ll be able to see what is causing the syrinx and hopefully it is something that can be fixed.
The doctor did warn that it’s possible that they will not find the reason for it so it cannot be fixed.
The syrinx cannot just be drained or something because it will just re-form due to the irritation spot or whatever is causing it. emoticon
Quite possibly this was caused by the THREE hospital acquired infections in his brain after a simple outpatient procedure in 2014 and took years to form.
This last neurologist is going to be on vacation until the end of May, we were so grateful she squeezed us in before she left and ordered the new test, which is what we hoped was going to happen.
Then, when she comes back from her vacation she’ll have that information and hopefully do surgery soon thereafter.
It’s very risky but it is minimally invasive.
At least this is how we understood all of it that happened yesterday… It was very much over our heads.
Oh, and the shoulder pain and arm numbness that he has also been experiencing has nothing to do with the syrinx!
That is a whole different emoticon issue as he has some stenosis and arthritis in his neck that’s likely the cause and will need to be dealt with in a whole different way by a whole different doctor.
Oh my goodness… Will this nightmare ever end?
Oops… I meant to say the adventure continues!
(Trying to turn that negative thinking around.)
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