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Endings and Staying the Course

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

There are moments when we feel lost, we feel confused, we don’t know what is the right thing to do....To leave or to stay? We are confused. The best thing to do in that moment is to stop and go home to yourself with mindful breathing. Bringing awareness to our breathing, we calm down and have more clarity. In a state of confusion, fear can be born, and we may do things that make the situation worse. So the right thing to do is not to do anything. Just go home to yourself and practice mindful breathing in order to be your best. Because if you have enough...calm, and peace, the insight will come as to what is the best thing to...do to help the situation.
-- Thich Nhat Hanh

Yesterday's yoga class was immensely helpful in moving me to a place of less anxiety and more awareness.I'm so grateful for the role of yoga in my life.

I'm back in the fray, fighting for the optimal wellness of this nearly 80-year old bod' of mine. Daily tracking is my key touchstone -- and accountability. Last week I dropped four ounces, hardly a stellar showing. And it's because I was careless and largely out-of-control. So this week I'm hoping to move out of that zone with less distress and more focus.

A major concern is, of course, the disappearance of SparkPeople mid-August. I've honed and perfected the SP nutrition tracker and developed it into a fine tool. It will be gone -- poof -- in two months. I need to put on my big girl panties and deal with this, as well as my blogs, which I would also like to continue to have access to.

A treasured memory from this morning's bike ride. There is so much beauty, and my work is to focus on that.

Meadows on my route this morning. And profound reminders:

When you discover that
each breath is nectar
indescribably sweet,
and the space between
your heartbeats is
the silence between stars,
and the one who
encircles you with
unfathomable compassion
is inside,
and the luminous hollow
of each nerve in your body
echoes with the sound
that created all things -
then you are rich.
You need nothing.
You can begin to live
in the moonlight,
the sensation of dew
on bare feet,
the smell of honeysuckle,
the sparkling transparency
of this perishing moment.

-- Fred LaMotte

Hey you, mister -- Yes, I mean YOU! (We had a strangely intimate connection this morning -- he slowly approached me, engaged me, and stayed with me for several minutes.)

I musn't forget to laugh at the absurdity of it all, either! I just need to get a grip on my reality's latest twists.
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