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Ok here we go...after baby #2
Sunday, September 13, 2009      1 comments

Ok...so I am almost 7 weeks pp and need to get this baby weight off! My goal is to get from 262 (current) to 220 by my birthday in February! I know I can do it and with perserverence, I will make it! I am starting over from scratch it feels l... Read more
Today is the first day of my new purpose...
Monday, September 01, 2008      3 comments

Well after my miscarriage I felt like noone in the whole world knew what I was feeling, but I was wrong! I had so many others (that I had no idea) that also had miscarriages and never knew of them....it's been a month since that terrible day at... Read more
Help...need to get back on track!
Tuesday, May 06, 2008      4 comments

Ugh! I am at a loss for what to do next. I am trying to watch my calories and stay in my range and succeeding so far (for 3 days), drinking more water and started exercising more regularly again (had a very very busy schedule and slid off the ... Read more
In a rut and need to get out!!
Friday, April 25, 2008      1 comments

Well, Well, Well...here I am! After being on such a great track for so long I seem to have slipped off. I have quite the full schedule now with getting up at 430/5am almost daily and not getting off work until 830-9pm and also having school wo... Read more
After Florida Vacation- getting back on track!
Friday, April 04, 2008      1 comments

Getting back on track after our vacation to Florida is harder than I thought. I didnt drink enough water when I was there so the scale was +6 when I returned. Once I drank enough to help flush it out I am now at +2 as of this morning so my act... Read more
Florida here I come!!!
Wednesday, March 26, 2008      0 comments

Well I am officially leaving Friday morning March 28 for Florida. We are visiting my family down there, doing some sightseeing and then going to Wrestlemania in Orlando on March 30! I cant wait to see my family that I havent seen in about 7 ye... Read more
Visual Accomplishment...
Tuesday, March 25, 2008      2 comments

Wow...I had my hubby take pictures of me in clothes I used to wear thinking that I would never look as good as I used to in them again...well I was DEAD WRONG!!! I actually think I look better than before and am so excited to be able to look at... Read more
Yeah for me...so much better now!!
Monday, March 03, 2008      1 comments

Doing much better with the slump. I started rotating my calories and made sure I was getting enough fiber in my food selections. I also started taking a multivitamin with more iron...and I think that was part of the problem to gaining we... Read more
In a slump...and dont know what to do!!
Monday, February 18, 2008      3 comments

I was very excited to make my goal of 226 by my birthday, but since then I am fluxuating from 224.6 up to 228 back and forth. I am trying to watch my sodium and exercise as much as I can and at a good intensity...when I am done working out, I a... Read more
My Birthday is Today
Thursday, February 07, 2008      3 comments

So excited to meet my goal of 225 before my birthday!!! Wasnt sure if I could do it at first, but once I got on track back in November it was almost too easy- I hope to continue that success well into the future before TTC in Spring/Summer 08!!... Read more
I reached a goal!
Saturday, February 02, 2008      2 comments

Yeah...so shocked and happy that I finally reached my pre-wedding weight of 226! Last time I weighed that was October 22, 2005 on our wedding day! Glad to have made it this far- wasnt sure if it would happen before TTC again and it did. Chang... Read more
1/11/08- updates...
Friday, January 11, 2008      0 comments

Well I found a really awesome DVD- Walk Away the Pounds and I am absolutely loving it! It gets my heart rate up and sweating like crazy...I was skeptical at first but it delivered the right bang for my buck. I am at a standstill on the sca... Read more
Doing good so far...
Tuesday, December 18, 2007      0 comments

Well I have managed to lose 5.5 pounds since the week or so before Thanksgiving and I am pretty excited about that. I wasnt sure if I would be able to complete the Christmas Challenge I entered, but I did... and did it one week early! I was on... Read more
Mini Vacation...
Saturday, November 24, 2007      0 comments

My hubby, his brother & wife and I are on a long weekend trip to Columbus for a christmas shopping trip. We got so much shopping done today, it was great. We pretty much finished up all our gift exchanges we are in and all we have is our paren... Read more
Turkey Day!
Thursday, November 22, 2007      0 comments

Well, I made it through the first holiday with a bang!! I am so proud of myself for making good choices on what kinds of food I could eat and was still able to eat my homemade pumpkin pie with cool whip...yummy! I am so excited for Christm... Read more

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