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May 9th update...
Monday, May 09, 2011      1 comments

Forgive me for the lack of a creative title. emoticon I had a nice Mother's day weekend and I hope the other... Read more
Being Honest with Myself...
Friday, May 06, 2011      1 comments

I can do better. Am I bringing it to my workouts? For the most part yes. Am I bringing it with my food choices? Eh not really. I know I can do way better on the diet part (just to clarify I use diet as general eating and don't believe i... Read more
Ok body you can have your day off....
Wednesday, May 04, 2011      0 comments

I started Chalean Extreme and so far I'm really liking it. After 9 weeks of Wii Active 2 I was ready to move onto something else. Something a little more challenging...a little more geared toward weight lifting. I did burn intervals yeste... Read more
May 1st - I did my measurements!!
Sunday, May 01, 2011      4 comments

I'll start this off by saying I'm really happy with what I've accomplished in April. I feel like I'm on the right track. I feel like I've done this long enough that its starting to feel as natural as brushing my teeth daily. I'm also goin... Read more
April is just about gone!
Friday, April 29, 2011      1 comments

Where does the time go??? It is certainly almost hard to believe we are almost into the 5th month of the year already. I'm being good and holding out on measuring and pictures till Sunday...no point in rushing things. I am starting Ch... Read more
I couldn't wait till May 1st... (Rewards list talk included)
Tuesday, April 26, 2011      5 comments

So I was going to wait until May 1st but the curiosity was just killing me. I measured my thighs this morning and it looks like I've lost another half inch over the course of a month and some days. ... Read more
Just wanted to share...
Monday, April 25, 2011      3 comments

I think I may have mentioned this before but I'm doing the Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge. It is 100% free and will start over on May 1st. By watching her short videos each day she can help you learn to set yourself up to reaching your goals... Read more
^!^ B2W MISSION 18! ^!^
Tuesday, April 19, 2011      0 comments

1. TELL ME WHAT BIG THINGS YOU ACHIEVED THIS PAST WEEKEND! Well I went to an awesome bridal shower this past weekend. The weather was really crappy here in Maryland. Just downpour insanity. I did clean out a place in my garage for my ... Read more
B2W Mission 16
Friday, April 15, 2011      3 comments

What did you do this weekend for Mission 15?!?! Last weekend was a long time ago. I did stay active all weekend outside and I think I went for a run also LOL. Pick two songs. Everytime you hear those two songs this weekend, you owe me 4 ... Read more
Its Just What I Do...
Tuesday, April 12, 2011      1 comments

Its taken me a long time to feel that way about exercise. I think I've made no secret of my "past" with fitness and a healthier lifestyle. For years and years I would do it for a month or 2 at the most and then bail. I can finally say, ri... Read more
I have a Date!
Friday, April 08, 2011      1 comments

Today my 8 year old has a half day so I told him I would take him to the movies to see Roderick Rules. He and I are big Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans so this should be fun. I haven't been to see a movie in the theater since Dinner with Schmucks. ... Read more
Feeling like I'm on the Right Track...
Wednesday, April 06, 2011      0 comments

I'm actually feeling pretty good these days. If I would have known what having those teeth out, and that worry off my shoulders was like, I would have done it ages ago. Mood-wise I'm 180 degrees different than I felt in December around my bir... Read more
Last week was the week from Hades!
Sunday, March 27, 2011      0 comments

I feel bad not having updated but today was literally the first time I've had my laptop in my lap for a while. I'm not a big fan of typing a bunch off of my phone so I've just been logging on enough to keep my Spark streak of logging in good. ... Read more
~!~ B2W Mission 9 - 3/18-3/20 ~!~
Sunday, March 20, 2011      1 comments

emoticon ... Read more
I'm shrinking!!
Friday, March 18, 2011      2 comments

So despite my scale literally not moving in the span of over a month I am shrinking. This time around I'm not so concerned with a number. This fitness journey to me is about things bigger than that and I realize eventually it will move. I don... Read more

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