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rested and ready for the week....
Monday, November 01, 2010      2 comments

had a great weekend! worked outside on saturday and then got to go to the outlet mall for some shopping.... almost back to my old self, hit 4 stores in 90 minutes and got 3 pr of shoes, 2 pr jeans, 1 dress, 7 sweaters.... :) a good and success... Read more
new job...... so far, so good.....
Friday, October 29, 2010      3 comments

so I just completed week 3 of my new job. boy, do I have lots to learn... however, I just got the okay to "cut the cord" next week and take on some more tasks on my own... Yay me!! This new area likes to eat lunch together... not sure how ... Read more
Thursday, October 28, 2010      8 comments

So the hurricane winds are gone... now comes the windchills :( I have come to the conclusion that I don't like anything that contains the word "wind". Had a brisk walk today. We were both bundled up.... but my ears still froze. Oh, did I... Read more
Finally time to breathe....
Monday, October 25, 2010      4 comments

So, Pitty Palooza is over and done with, it was a great day! Very happy with how it all turned out. But it was a very long day.... so bummed that I didn't wear my pedometer to the event. I was there from 8 am til 6 pm. The room was 330 feet ... Read more
Saturday, October 09, 2010      3 comments

whew! what a week!! finally finished up at my old desk and have all my belongings over at my new desk for monday morning. gonna be an adjustment but I am so excited! have been at my old position for 6 yrs.... I liked it and was at the point ... Read more
Wednesday, September 29, 2010      1 comments

it was warm today :) yay! got in a nice and fast walk w/ a friend after work today. we used to walk 8 miles every night about 5 years ago... but haven't had time w/ our work schedules. maybe this new job will allow for it!! i love it be... Read more
Monday, September 27, 2010      3 comments

a great start to the week! work went well... a little slow but nothing crazy. this evening Layna's foster mom stopped by to visit her and then spend some time w/ Winston. she is using alternative methods to try and get him over his surge... Read more
Sunday, September 26, 2010      2 comments

had a great day!!! started off w/ a hop on the scale and i FINALLY changed the middle number on the scale!!! FINALLY!!! have been hanging out at the same weight (sometimes up one pound) since the end of june.... LONG TIME!!!! but was glad... Read more
Friday, September 24, 2010      0 comments

happy friday :) home watching movies and getting some laundry done. the wind is really howling outside today! it was 80 degrees at 2 am today and 59 degrees by noon. BRRR! have a nice quiet weekend and am planning to get a lot done arou... Read more
Monday, September 20, 2010      2 comments

where did september go????? made the best chicken salad tonight for supper :) and then started cleaning my room, thats the room for the week. tonight I tackled the tops of the dressers... kicked up a lot of dust but it's amazing how such... Read more
Sunday, September 19, 2010      3 comments

another productive day :) we slept in til 8 am... it was lovely. there were rain showers off and on all day but we did manage to get in both walks and I got the backyard mowed and the front yard edged. baked some brownies... yum! go... Read more
Saturday, September 18, 2010      2 comments

Long day, but very productive. Got in both walks, mowed the front yard, staffed a dog info booth for 4 hrs, bought a table saw, stopped by the vaccination clinic.... No wonder i am tired! Got in over 13,000 steps today! It's funny what a l... Read more
Friday, September 17, 2010      2 comments

happy friday! finally! another long day, but got in over 16k steps... not done yet for the night but am definitely slowing down. got in 2 walks and lots of errands over lunch. decided not to go to agility tonight... I am still pret... Read more
Thursday, September 16, 2010      1 comments

oh... I am SO excited to go to sleep tonight.... before 10 pm!!! Got in both walks today... and even took a new route this evening. Have been doing really well this week.... packing my lunch and snacks, walking daily, drinking my water, an... Read more
Wednesday, September 15, 2010      2 comments

was too tired last night to blog when we got home. started a new agility class last night, it's about 35 min drive and goes from 8:15 - 9:15. it was almost 10 pm when we got home. Miss Layna slept in the back seat the entire way..... and I got... Read more

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