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Day 122: Motivated In All Areas
Tuesday, February 23, 2021      9 comments

I am super motivated right now and feeling so much better. There is such a difference now that I am eating healthy and taking care of myself again. I have... Read more
Day 121: Why Moderation Won't Work For Me
Monday, February 22, 2021      3 comments

I tried for a few weeks to do "moderation" with food and eat a little bit of sugar and processed foods etc. along with my anti-inflammatory diet and had ... Read more
Day 118: On the Right Track
Friday, February 19, 2021      4 comments

I'm back on the right track again and have my energy back. I'm ready to take on the challenges I need to and feeling good. I have a lot of motivation and... Read more
Weigh-In #3
Friday, February 19, 2021      4 comments

I'm doing a weigh-in to document the progress I made while I was away. Not sure if this progress will last or not, but this is the farthest I've gotten so far, so might as well see. Highest Weight: 296.6 Last Weight: 271.2 CW: 267 Wei... Read more
Day 117: Took A Little Break
Thursday, February 18, 2021      4 comments

I took a little break, which was much needed. It's kind of hard to get started again, but I'm making the effort and getting moving again. I know I need to get back on track and start working towards my goals again. It's time to pull things toget... Read more
Day 113: Positive Attitude
Sunday, February 14, 2021      7 comments

I have a positive attitude these days and I'm motivated moving forward. I have high energy and a lot of motivation and even though it's my rest day today ... Read more
Weigh In #2
Sunday, February 14, 2021      3 comments

Did well this week and this seems to be my consistent weight for the week so recording my stats and continuing to move forward and work hard. Highest Weight: 296.6 Last Weight: 275.2 CW: 271.2 Weight Lost This Week: -4 lbs Total Wei... Read more
Day 112: Re-Working My Routine (Again)
Saturday, February 13, 2021      7 comments

I wanted to rework my routine a little bit because I realized that I'm doing two arm workouts in a row (two days in a row) and that might be a little too taxing on my arms. So I reworked my exercise routine to something more suitable and I've st... Read more
Day 111: Extreme Energy!
Friday, February 12, 2021      5 comments

My new routine is working out great! Trainers said you get used to the intermittent fasting quickly and I have. I'm sleeping longer these days which is a... Read more
Day 110: Trainer's Advice
Thursday, February 11, 2021      8 comments

I had gotten some advice from a couple of trainers on how to burn more fat. The general advice was to do intermittent fasting and to use the ice bath/hot ... Read more
Day 109: A New Approach
Wednesday, February 10, 2021      6 comments

I had to take some kind of extreme measures to promote some quick healing. I'd built up some toxicity in my system from the poor habits that were creeping in and I had to flush out my system by doing something a little more aggressive than just ... Read more
Day 108: Fresh Start
Tuesday, February 09, 2021      9 comments

I'm looking at a fresh start this morning. I am creating healthy habits rather than restrictions, as deprivation never works. But, that being said, I know... Read more
Weigh-In #1
Monday, February 08, 2021      3 comments

I'm starting fresh with my weight loss and so I'm rebooting my weight loss records. I'm just scrapping all progress and giving myself a new point to start from for some new motivation and a new perspective. So here's my starting stats. High... Read more
Day 107: Back to the Plateau-Busting Program
Monday, February 08, 2021      5 comments

It's time to rejoin the Plateau-Busting programs and really take a look at my program and where I'm at. I'm bouncing back and forth between the same 5-10 pounds and slowly picking up more bad habits and that's not where I want to be at right now... Read more
Day 106: Increasing Intensity
Sunday, February 07, 2021      5 comments

I'm working on increasing my intensity these days. I'm healing up more now so I can go back to working more on building muscle and strength, stamina and ... Read more

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