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WEC 3: Surveillance
Friday, October 03, 2014      1 comments

Plan of Attack: *Track all calories and stay between 1300 and 1500 calories each day. *Exercise at least 60 minutes cardio per day. ---Friday 5k ---Saturday Hiking ---Sunday Hiking ---Monday Step-ups and Walking I might al... Read more
BLC Break Goals & Plan
Monday, April 01, 2013      2 comments

The Biggest Loser Challenge comes to a close and I want to continue the challenge while waiting for the next one to officially begin. My Goals for the Break 1) Lose about 1 lb per week 2) Get at least 350 fitness minutes/week 3) Compl... Read more
New Habits
Saturday, March 02, 2013      4 comments

As a part of this week's 5% Winter to Spring Challenge we are charged with blogging about breaking a bad habit or developing a new habit. So here goes...I am a procrastinator. In the last couple of months I have consciously noticed the amount... Read more
2012 Summer 5% Challenge
Sunday, June 17, 2012      1 comments

I am excited to begin the Summer 5% Challenge. I am off track and need to get back into a consistent exercise plan. Right now to lose 5% of my body weight, I will need to lose about 10 pounds in 8 weeks. This includes breaking into ON... Read more
2012 Spring 5% Challenge
Thursday, March 08, 2012      3 comments

I am excited to start the Spring 5% Challenge on March 17th. Right now to lose 5% of my body weight, I will need to lose about 11 pounds in 8 weeks. To do this, I am committing to the following: ... Read more
Vitamin D Deficiency
Thursday, December 15, 2011      3 comments

I have been on SparkPeople now for about a year. I have increased my physical activity and try to eat healthier than I did prior to sparking. My maximum weight loss was 15 pounds. But right now I am down 13 lbs from when I started and that is... Read more
2011 Fitness Goals/Resolutions
Saturday, January 01, 2011      0 comments

Here are my fitness related resolutions for 2011. • Lose 50+ pounds (Target weight 180) • Start no TV Saturdays…do something else instead (Restrictions include Netflix, movies and TV. Wii Exercising, Workout DVDs and TV while on elliptic... Read more
Bye Bye Caribou Mochas...
Thursday, December 16, 2010      2 comments

Yesterday I visited Caribou Coffee while I was waiting for a friend getting an oral surgery procedure so I could drive him home. My favorite drink is the Milk Chocolate Moch... Read more