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Heavy Inspiration
Saturday, February 02, 2013      3 comments

This woman has it all right! myfriendteresablog.com/s
-be-photographed/ I think it'll still be a long time before I willingly get in front of a camera again, but it's a good bit of ins... Read more
Slow and Steady - Getting Personal
Monday, January 28, 2013      4 comments

At weigh-in yesterday, I saw a loss of a half pound. I believe that makes it three since I joined the challenge in the MB members team, where we're going to lose five pounds before Valentine's Day. Two weeks, two pounds to go! Today I chang... Read more
Where there's a will...
Sunday, January 20, 2013      5 comments

It's been a few days since the last blog post... my computer is still behaving badly, and borrowing this laptop from my daughter is like asking her to pull all her teeth, without benefit of anesthetic. Today I managed to get all my tracking... Read more
Busy Week
Monday, January 14, 2013      2 comments

It has been a busy week here... between so much work, computer issues, sudden trips to town and working lightening speed on a gift for my new niece, it's been nothing short of crazy. So far this month, though - I've lost a pound and a half... Read more
Planned & Measured
Tuesday, January 08, 2013      1 comments

The Weekly Challenge(s) team posted a choice for this week... and I chose to plan our meals ahead, and use better portion control. Since our kitchen scale died years ago, I've been using measuring cups - when I remember. This week I'm definitely... Read more
Being Green
Sunday, January 06, 2013      2 comments

(re-post fr. Facebook) Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the older woman, that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren't good for the environment. The woman apologized and explained, "We... Read more
Getting to Know Me
Friday, January 04, 2013      1 comments

(Spied this over on the CSS team leader's blog, so I thought what the heck...) Copy and Paste into your own blog, change the answers to suit you. Get an easy three SparkPoints, and help your SparkFriends get to know you.” Where is ... Read more
Cold Start, 1 Goal Met!
Thursday, January 03, 2013      0 comments

It's been so cold here lately, I think we were spoiled by last winter's mildness and lack of snow. Even on days when it's fairly mild, it feels colder to me, I think because we've got so much snow this year already! Still, I've managed to g... Read more
Starting Over...
Tuesday, January 01, 2013      6 comments

I've been prepping the last weeks to start again, and as with most people I suppose, I've chosen to start today. I've joined another team, Cross Stitchers on Sparks. It looks to be busier and more supportive than some of the others I'm on, ... Read more
Weight Loss Warriors - Week Two
Monday, September 18, 2006      0 comments

SO, to start of the week, what did I do? I took my oldest daughter to KFC for her birthday. Hey, you only turn 13 once, and I did promise her she could choose what we ate on her birthday. I was good though - no pizza (we have a pizza hut wi... Read more
Weight Loss Warriors - Reason and Motivation
Monday, September 11, 2006      0 comments

I'm joining the challenge because I need to kickstart the weight-loss again, and I want to lose weight so I can be healthy and keep up with my girls. It's really hard to help them practice baseball at this size. I have a family history of obesit... Read more
A new start
Friday, September 01, 2006      0 comments

I haven't been around Spark much at all since May. I moved...and then started having trouble with the computer - and then baseball season happened. If nothing else, I did get *some* exercise throwing the ball around with my girls. Now I'm ... Read more
Back to work
Wednesday, April 19, 2006      0 comments

After two weeks away with an injury to my back, I'm back to work today. Granted, I don't have to leave the house to work...hehehe. I counted my clients and proposals yesterday and if all the proposals work out, I'll have 16 clients. Eeep! I... Read more
This Is Your Life...
Thursday, April 13, 2006      0 comments

Sure, this is my life. Trying another program to work off the flab I added to myself since I finished the job at the CFDC. Ok, I admit it. I started adding it then, over the summer. It was eating all the kids meals with the kids in the programs.... Read more