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This time I had my camera
Monday, October 03, 2016      6 comments

We took the day off today. After all, when you're retired I guess it's okay to take a day off now and then. We drove north to Duluth, MN - which is probably my favorite city ever, at least so far. We wanted to see some fall colors and the wea... Read more
I wish I had a camera
Sunday, October 02, 2016      9 comments

Today Daisy and I took 2 walks. We did the short loop this morning just after it go light outside. But it was such a nice day and Tom missed yesterday so we decided to go to the Elm Creek Park Reserve. It's a huge park system just a few miles... Read more
Saturday, October 01, 2016      7 comments

This past week I was talking with some women about what we liked best about Fall. That was easy for me because I pretty much like everything about fall: the sounds (leaves rustling), the smells (fires burning); the tastes (pumpkin spice & wint... Read more
Seriously, is it going to snow???
Tuesday, September 27, 2016      9 comments

Now that it's fall, my routine is changing somewhat. Daisy and I are waiting until after breakfast to take our walks, that way Tom can join us. His doctor told him recently that he needed to get more exercise (like his wife has been telling hi... Read more
A Rainy Start to the Day
Sunday, September 25, 2016      9 comments

Daisy and I went outside this morning about 6:15 a.m., she likes to look for squirrels and Sheba (the cat) likes to hang out by the catnip. We were barely outside for 2 minutes when - yep, the rain came. And it came loud and hard. Just anothe... Read more
A tough decision
Friday, September 23, 2016      15 comments

Well, for those of you wonderful spark friends who knew that Tom and I were going to spend a week alone in a little cabin in Wyoming - our plans have changed. As I was starting to think about preparing this morning, something else came up... Read more
A "Me" Day
Wednesday, September 21, 2016      9 comments

Well, truthfully once you are retired I guess every day can be a me day. I have few commitments to anyone but myself and right now I like it that way. I spent so many years having to be on a tight schedule taking care of others - not just my f... Read more
Done and Done
Tuesday, September 20, 2016      9 comments

I'd first like to thank all of you who listened to my fear and encouraged me to NOT give away my power - in regard to the wake and funeral for my DIL's mom. I am happy to report that I did just that and all things went as they were suppose to g... Read more
The first of three
Monday, September 19, 2016      6 comments

Later this afternoon Tom and I will start the long trek to a small town about 60 southwest of us for the first event in saying goodbye to Donna, my DIL's mom. I am struggling with this for so many reasons. Crystal, my DIL, is devastated - she ... Read more
Friday, September 16, 2016      7 comments

I've been hearing this word a lot in the past couple of weeks. The dictionary defines the verb resolve as: to decide firmly on a course of action; the noun resolve is: firm determination to do something. I have resolved my dilemma over ... Read more
To go or not to go....
Thursday, September 15, 2016      5 comments

Is life really this complicated or do I just MAKE it complicated? If you read yesterday's blog you'll know that my sweet daughter-in-law's mother passed away yesterday morning at a mere 58 years old. I am troubled by this, naturally. Bu... Read more
Sad News
Wednesday, September 14, 2016      13 comments

I am heartsick this morning. My dear sweet daughter-in-law, Crystal, lost her mom this morning at 6 a.m. Donna was such a huge part of Crystal's life and a wonderful woman. She had been suffering from severe back pain for a couple of ye... Read more
Tuesday, September 13, 2016      8 comments

I sat down and watched Dancing with the Stars last night - it's been awhile since I've done that. When it was new, I watched every show for every season. My mom loved the show too, and we often talked about the dancers. I was in Chicago for t... Read more
Trying something new
Saturday, September 10, 2016      6 comments

For the last week I have been having some strange feeling behind my left knee. It doesn't really hurt but it feels like my leg can't hold my weight. This morning when I first got up I could barely walk on it at first, which led me to believe t... Read more
The 5% Fall Challenge
Friday, September 09, 2016      7 comments

I just completed my first ever 5% challenge and while I didn't loose 5%, I did loose just over 3% which is actually amazing for me. And doing the interim challenge over the past 3 weeks I've dropped 2 more pounds! I started a new bible study c... Read more

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