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Pray I Sleep Well Tonight and My Magic Pants!
Thursday, October 05, 2017      9 comments

Praying I sleep well tonight and can shake a headache. I bought these pants at Goodwill that are amazing. There is no label or I'd try to find more at stores or online. Everyone comments on how much weight I've lost. Which I have, but no... Read more
I joined a 5% challenge and need points so...
Monday, October 02, 2017      10 comments

I am writing this blog! πŸŠπŸƒπŸ‚πŸπŸŒ»πŸŒΎπŸŒ΅πŸŽƒ... Read more
Positive, Uplifting Music Has Helped Me
Saturday, September 23, 2017      11 comments

I started listening to the Christian radio stations, K-LOVE and Family Life Radio a good year or so ago. The music and the lyrics help me on this journey called life. As of yesterday I have lost 55 pounds since January 2017. Faith and Fi... Read more
Clean Teeth
Thursday, September 21, 2017      10 comments

I went to the dentist today after work for my 6 month cleaning. Wish my teeth always felt like this!... Read more
I Need to Get Focused
Sunday, September 17, 2017      10 comments

I need to do what I know will help me lose. Track food while eating healthy and normal portion sizes while also tracking my daily exercise. Yesterday I counted walking at the geography conference as my exercise. Today I haven't exercised yet.... Read more
Topsy Turvy Week (in more than one way πŸ™ƒ but for this I mean the scale.)
Saturday, September 09, 2017      7 comments

Confessions of Someone Who Weighs Herself Daily Ok, I admit it, somedays I forget, or take a shower before I think about weighing, therefore I purposely do not weigh. πŸ˜‰ I keep the same routine for morning weigh-in. I weigh myself san... Read more
Don't Let the Words "Seated Chair" Fool You! Or Let's Get This Done!
Thursday, September 07, 2017      4 comments

This morning I got in 41 min. of exercise before I left for work. I like to try to aim for an hour so what I don't get done in the morning I try to do late afternoon or evening. I ran errands after work and at home sat around hemming and hawin... Read more
Peacocks, a frog, and Lake Winnipesaukee
Thursday, September 07, 2017      8 comments

I went to a talk last night on growing herbs in our climate. I took photos of a peacock and one of a peahen. One of my best friends is in Massachusetts. She sent a photo of Lake Winnipesaukee and a frog after the rain there. Wish we would get... Read more
Vinegar, Spicy Foods, Green Tea, and Eggs
Tuesday, September 05, 2017      6 comments

-make-you-slim/ This is a good article about vinega... Read more
I'm Losing My Marbles!!!
Monday, September 04, 2017      12 comments

I am down 53 pounds. I started with 80 marbles in the jar as my goal but have since found I need to lose a few more pounds to reach the top number ... Read more
Some Photos from My Week
Sunday, September 03, 2017      8 comments

I stopped at a restaurant I'd never been to before on the way home from jury duty. The soup of the day was a curry with coconut milk and lemongrass... Read more
I'm Not Normal Yet
Sunday, August 27, 2017      13 comments

BMI range, that is. You can calculate your BMI range online. Just Google BMI calculator. You'll be asked to enter your height, weight, and age. Here is the scale: Normal Weight 18.5 - 25 Overweight 25 - 30 ... Read more
Eclipse Aug. 21, 2017 and Powerball
Tuesday, August 22, 2017      15 comments

I saw the eclipse today. I saw the total eclipse as seen in Oregon on the projector screen in the classrrom and the partial eclipse with special glasses from AZ. Both with my students. I have huge class. The partial eclipse was really i... Read more
I Made Pico de Gallo
Sunday, August 20, 2017      5 comments

I love pico de gallo. I made a bowl today. It's so good. Except I didn't have any hot peppers like jalapeno. I need to try to keep a medium to hot pepper on hand.... Read more
Lean turkey burger, swiss cheese, pineapple slice on whole wheat bun
Saturday, August 19, 2017      8 comments

Easy to make. At restaurants it comes with teriyaki sauce. I put bbq sauce on it. That's what I had. I still need to exercise today but... Read more

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