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Good to know this
Monday, October 22, 2012      10 comments

Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind, only to completely forget what that purpose was? Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses. Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame hav... Read more
I love this Doctor!
Sunday, March 18, 2012      5 comments

Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true? A: Your heart only good for so many beats, and that's it...don't waste on exercise. Everything wear out eventually. Speeding up heart not make you live l... Read more
Only a Joke---Holiday eating tips , from a friend
Friday, December 16, 2011      12 comments

HOLIDAY EATING TIPS 1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Holiday spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately.. Go next door, where they're serving rum balls. 2. ... Read more
baby born this morning, my newest great grandson
Wednesday, November 16, 2011      7 comments

Brenton Avery Gilcher 9.1oz 21" Born Nov 16 at 0830 Both parents are doing great. Moms a... Read more
texting for seniors
Wednesday, November 02, 2011      6 comments

Since more and more Seniors are texting and tweeting there appears to be a need for a STC (Senior Texting Code). If you qualify for Senior Discounts this is the code for you. Please pass this on to your children and grandchildren so ... Read more
the grandkids and us on vacation 10/2011
Saturday, October 29, 2011      2 comments

Cheddy and Sawyer Gavin ... Read more
My Cardio Blast DVD arrived
Tuesday, June 28, 2011      6 comments

A few weeks ago, I won a free DVD on the login spin wheel and yesterday it arrived. Thank You SparkPeople!!! I haven't had a chance to play it yet but it is just what this 72 yr old man needs, no kidding! I'll update you later. Thanks to C... Read more
Human Resources-employees dress
Thursday, April 21, 2011      11 comments

Week 1 – Memo No. 1 Effective this week, the company is adopting Fridays as Casual Day. Employees are free to dress in the casual attire of their choice. Week 3 – Memo No. 2 Spandex and leather micro-miniskirts are not appr... Read more
If you met yourself, would you want to stick around and talk?
Tuesday, March 01, 2011      11 comments

If you met yourself, would you want to stick around and talk? Are you the kind of person others can be proud of? Hopefully you are, because that's who will be with you for... Read more
Christmas Eve pictures with me and the grandkids
Friday, December 24, 2010      8 comments

My great grandaughter "Evee" HO Ho Ho!! ... Read more
pictures of my GGS Sawyers 1st birthday party
Sunday, December 12, 2010      4 comments

... Read more
Our 53rd wedding anniversary and Celebration and Vacation at a resort in Kissimmee
Friday, September 03, 2010      4 comments

... Read more
bedroom remodeled photo's
Friday, June 11, 2010      16 comments

New flooring new bed new rods and valences ... Read more
Monday, January 25, 2010      19 comments

After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Target. Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women - she loves t... Read more
together for their first Christmas
Sunday, December 27, 2009      9 comments

We had a Merry one this year with the family and we all got together on Christmas day at our home in Englewood With our 3 Great Grandsons ... Read more

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