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The Candy Report
Friday, July 09, 2010      8 comments

Yes, I was able to avoid the candy today. I thought about it a couple times. It's amazing how insidious habits and thoughts can become when they're related to your weaknesses. I'd allowed candy at work to become a pattern; a daily occurrence.... Read more
Making Progress
Thursday, July 08, 2010      6 comments

Hello. I'm not ready to declare victory over myself, but I've made some progress. Last night I did a full workout (treadmill incline walk, pushups, pullups, and abs). Then tonight I did another treadmill workout. The last two times I've done... Read more
Thanks guys!
Sunday, July 04, 2010      5 comments

Thank you to everyone who posted on my last blog. I really appreciate it. Tonight I got the kids down at a reasonable time, then I went downstairs, half cleaned the kitchen, and continued to troubleshoot my computer. It crashed again some... Read more
I will not become a bad statistic
Saturday, July 03, 2010      9 comments

I continue to struggle. It's like I start to get a little traction and then I slip again. I haven't worked out more than 2 days in a row in months. And it's really starting to show. My waist is getting pudgy, my pants are getting tight. I'm... Read more
Coming Back, and a general update
Thursday, June 17, 2010      10 comments

Here I sit in a really long and boring meeting. I’m here only because, as the systems engineering lead, it looks bad if I’m not. But the folks we have in DC briefing the slides for this meeting are our experts, so there won’t be any questions ... Read more
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Friday, May 21, 2010      9 comments

Hello again. So where do I start? My stepmother's death has thrown me for a loop. That on top of the forced time off of exercise due to the running injuries, and my unhappiness at having to stop running (and miss my half marathon a... Read more
Stepmother update
Monday, May 03, 2010      13 comments

Well, this one is going to be uncharacteristically short. I'm going to write this and then go watch TV and try not to think about it. Lin died tonight. My father called me around 8:30. It's over. She passed away quietly with no major pain, ... Read more
Update...Still Here
Friday, April 30, 2010      9 comments

Well, I’ve always said this blog would be the good, the bad, the ugly of my personal weight loss journey. This blog will pick up where my last one left off. I’m back in an extremely high stress time for me. My work hours, schedule, and d... Read more
No La Jolla Half Marathon For Me, Sigh
Friday, April 16, 2010      11 comments

Hello all. Work has been whacking me upside the head lately. This was the first week as the lead Systems Engineer on my program. Holy cow! I knew the number of meetings was over the top, but this week has been ridiculous. Monday wasn't that ... Read more
Where have I been?
Wednesday, April 07, 2010      7 comments

Well, wallowing and stressed kind of sums it up. It's funny (okay, not so funny, but it's an expression...) after how far I've come I can still be knocked for a self-pittying loop. The good news is that I never let it last for too long before... Read more
ITBS? Oh no! And Beth's got Severe Sleep Apnea - no shock there
Friday, April 02, 2010      13 comments

This is going to be a mixed blog. I’m mostly frustrated and concerned right now. I’ll start with the running… I was sick these past couple weeks and finally went to the doctor on Wednesday. I probably should have gone sooner. I was put... Read more
Busy, busy, busy weekend! Whew!
Monday, March 29, 2010      6 comments

Oh, what a weekend I had. This blog isn’t going to be all that interesting. But it’ll probably be long - I think it was a definite record for length for me, and that's really saying something! You’ve been warned. Proceed if you really feel l... Read more
Sleep Study Report, Overwhelmed at Work, Calves Tightening
Saturday, March 27, 2010      5 comments

I’ve been sick all week and haven’t been able to exercise since my Sunday 10.7 mile run. It’s really annoying me because #1 – I need to be able to run so that I can continue to keep up my half marathon training and keep from injuring mysel... Read more
Push Harder, Sick kid, New Run, Layoff Over
Tuesday, March 23, 2010      9 comments

Alrighty, I figure today’s blog will be a mish mash of topics. I had a great week last week due to that personal record-setting fitness test. Yes, I’m still pretty thrilled about that. And I’m not-so-secretly pleased that it gives me a goal t... Read more
YES!!!!! Story of the Air Force Fitness Test!
Friday, March 19, 2010      25 comments

Well, I guess I can't fake you out at this point and pretend I didn't do well since I posted that title. So I guess I'll just tell the story. Before I start the story let me just quickly explain that the Air Force is in the process of chan... Read more

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