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Blogs from the SparkPeople Coaches!
Wednesday, November 21, 2007      22 comments

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know about our new expert blogs! Coaches Dean, Jen and Nicole will be updating their SparkPage blogs a few times each week! By subscribing to their blogs, you'll get new fitness, motivation and nutrition ti... Read more
You can now comment on our articles
Monday, November 12, 2007      15 comments

You can now write and view comments about our articles! You'll find comments, and links to leave a comment, on the lower right of each article. We hope this helps add perspective and more depth to our articles, with members contributing ... Read more
New images to add to SparkPages and profile
Monday, November 12, 2007      23 comments

We created a few images that say things like "Lost 10 Pounds at SparkPeople" and "Maintaining at SparkPeople" that you can use in our community. You can add these to your main SparkPage, just edit your page, click one of the 3 photo spots to the... Read more
SparkPeople Healthy Holidays Newsletter
Wednesday, November 07, 2007      3 comments

We're happy to announce that SparkPeople's new Healthy Holidays Newsletter will launch this Saturday, November 10th. Members who currently receive the "Best of SparkPeople" daily newsletter will receive this supplemental email every Satu... Read more
Update - SparkPeople Motivators
Wednesday, November 07, 2007      1 comments

In order to better highlight SparkPeople Motivators, we have added links for up to three Motivators from each category on the main SparkPages page (you get there by clicking the "SparkPages" link fr... Read more
Upgrades to "Add Emoticon" page on board posts
Thursday, November 01, 2007      8 comments

We launched 2 enhancements to the "Add an Emoticon" popup page from message board posts: - There are now 5 tabs organizing the emoticons. A big reason to do this was to enable the page to load faster, since not as many emoticons need... Read more
Board enhancement - add links to your posts
Tuesday, October 30, 2007      1 comments

When making a message board post you will now find an "Add Link" button at the top of the posting box, to the left of the Add an Emoticon button. You can use this to add links to either SparkPeople pages or pages outside of SparkPeople. This sho... Read more
SparkRecipes recipes and cookbooks now on SparkPages
Friday, October 26, 2007      8 comments

We launched a few enhancements to SparkPages today. The main one is that on the left side, under your photos on your main page, we display and link to any Recipes and Cookbooks you have shared on SparkRecipes. We're getting LOTS of great reci... Read more
myNutrition page enhancement - custom foods in grocery list
Thursday, October 25, 2007      9 comments

We launched a much-requested enhancement to the Grocery List feature on our Meal Planner/Food tracker page today. The big change is that foods you add custom to your daily plan are reflected on your Grocery List. Also you now have a bit more ... Read more
Check this blog for feature updates!
Thursday, October 25, 2007      3 comments

Hi everyone We're going to start using this blog to announce site enhancements and new features. If you'd like you can subscribe to this blog to know about updates right away. Typically we'll also link to announcements here from the message... Read more
Many Types of People
Sunday, September 30, 2007      3 comments

Hope everyone is doing well! I just got back from a bike ride in the sun. I love seeing how many different types of people use SparkPeople. This was a great post from a military spouse: ***** When out spouses leave on deployment to... Read more
Message Board Post
Saturday, July 28, 2007      22 comments

Here's one of my favorite message board posts in a while! ***** Title: Crying Message: I was reading articles on SparkPeople about diet strategies. I nodded my head in agreement at a few of the paragraphs. Then my eyes jus... Read more
Reaching Other Goals
Wednesday, April 11, 2007      8 comments

Here's a recent post from a member seeing great results in other areas of life after using SP! ***** KEEGANDLILY has just submitted a new topic. Title: The rewards of goal setting Message: Not only have I lost over 100 lbs sin... Read more
Another good medical results post!
Saturday, March 03, 2007      5 comments

Loved seeing this one this week! ***** CANDO62 has just submitted a new topic. Title: Thankyou Thankyou SparkPeople! Message: I have so much gratitude in my heart for SparkPeople that I pray daily now for the creator/team le... Read more
Health Insurance
Tuesday, February 20, 2007      8 comments

Stories like this motivate us to keep helping people get and stay healthy - and even to think if we can somehow be part of the solution for this issue. ****** I have been on SparkPeople for one month, and I'm doing great. I have lost near... Read more

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