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Aug 6, 2015....Carbs and I
Thursday, August 06, 2015      6 comments

I am now on Day 16 of having no refined/processed carbs. I've cut breads, pasta, and added sugar from my diet. Reading labels and googling nutrition elements of various foods like crazy and also recording every mouthful. My original plan ... Read more
July 28, 2015.....TOPS Weigh In :)
Tuesday, July 28, 2015      2 comments

I started eating my lower carb, moderate protein and slightly higher fat plan last Wednesday. My weight the night before at TOPS was 270.5. I'm trying to keep my calories around 1300 to 1500/day and my carbs around 100 carb grams/day. I ... Read more
July 24, 2015 - A Little Sad, And Feeling Good
Friday, July 24, 2015      7 comments

The feeling good part: Successfully completed Day 3 of eating low carbs - have cut out breads, pasta, rice, added sugar and foods high in sugar. I'm a huge carb fiend and after watching a video on insulin resistance I realized a lot of my prob... Read more
July 23, 2015 - And So......Again!
Thursday, July 23, 2015      7 comments

2009 was the date I initially started Spark People. Hard to believe it was 6 years ago! After doing relatively well on SP, I dropped the ball with participation here and also with my eating. In 2011, I came back to SP and also started Her... Read more
Aug 29, 2012....Closer
Wednesday, August 29, 2012      12 comments

Onederland - that should be in big block italicized letters. For those of us that have been out of the 'ones' and into the 'twos', 'threes', 'fours', etc., that onederland goal is something that we all look forward to, even though at times it... Read more
Aug 22, 2012...And This Is Why...
Wednesday, August 22, 2012      19 comments

I debated posting this entry, however over the last week or so, in my spare time, I have been doing a lot of research on women's hair loss. I was surprised to learn just how many women suffer from this. Some reasons are cancer treatments, ho... Read more
Aug 21, 2012 ...Calm and Chaos
Tuesday, August 21, 2012      9 comments

This was the morning view from the cottage we rented on Bark Lake near Algonquin Park just over a week ago. It was so beautiful. Gorgeous surroundings and very private. ... Read more
Aug 4, 2012.....Just Regained Spark Abilities and Now I am Off Again
Saturday, August 04, 2012      7 comments

Hi Everyone, We are leaving shortly for a week's holiday up near Algonquin Park and unfortunately there is no internet ... Read more
Aug 2, 2012..... Station Break
Thursday, August 02, 2012      8 comments

Not going to post a regular blog entry tonight, but am thrilled to share another Spark member's very insightful powerful blog. Thank you Ricochetbear! www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
al.asp?blog_id=4998012... Read more
Aug 1, 2012....Another Quickie Update
Wednesday, August 01, 2012      6 comments

August 1 already - where oh where does the time go (especially now that I am older!) I appreciate all the comments made on my blog about my beloved Finley. When he passed, I had no intentions of getting another dog right away. I definitel... Read more
July 31, 2012....Quick Catch Up Blog
Tuesday, July 31, 2012      7 comments

It's funny because when I was unable to post any blogs, I kept thinking of so many things I wanted to blog about - now that I can actually write one, my mind seems empty except for the most upsetting event that happened this year. My belove... Read more
July 30, 2012....It Has Been Awhile!
Monday, July 30, 2012      7 comments

It has been since before Christmas that my Spark People account went wonky and for months I have been unable to do much. I could track my food and exercise, which was great and I could respond to message board posts, and still participate in th... Read more
Dec. 3, 2011...You Think It's Your Metabolism?
Saturday, December 03, 2011      13 comments

You are doing everything right. Eating healthy and within your calorie range, tracking your food, exercising and still that dang number on the scale if it does move, it is by ounces and not lbs. Frustrating! Annoying! Discouraging!! ... Read more
Nov. 24....Something To Be Thankful For
Thursday, November 24, 2011      11 comments

There are so many things to be thankful for on this day and every day, however in this ongoing battle that many of us are fighting regarding our waistlines - perhaps this will make you feel a bit better: ... Read more
Nov. 12...........The Bugaboo of the Scale
Saturday, November 12, 2011      12 comments

The program I am on requires me to weigh in with the nutritionist three times a week. Personally, I think this is excessive and can be frustrating when the scale does not seem to move. It does keep me accountable however to someone/something ... Read more

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