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MIA Update!!
Sunday, May 12, 2013      3 comments

Since the last entry, the business has been totally moved, set up and running smoothly. There are currently 25 "tenants/offices" in the building where I am considered "Atlanta". (Everything goes through me. lol) Mail,clients, phone calls, sche... Read more
Missing in Action
Saturday, February 02, 2013      8 comments

I am so sorry for having been "missing in action" for so long! Here is the latest: December 21st, I finally got the cast off of my arm. I didn't seem to bounce back as well with this surgery as with the one on the right arm. I know, "as ... Read more
Wednesday, September 19, 2012      9 comments

The job is going terrific and I am totally enjoying myself every day! Not many people can say that they enjoy their job but, I certainly can! We laugh and joke all day long! However, yes, I have overdone!! A lot of you will remember 2 ye... Read more
Drastic Changes!!
Sunday, September 09, 2012      6 comments

So much has happened since my last blog! Since Hubby & I really are quite happy with our home, we decided to take it off of the market and just hire a reliable, responsible lawn man. This has worked out great!! Two days, after making this... Read more
How could I?
Wednesday, February 15, 2012      3 comments

To give some background here, hubby and I have our home up for sale. Yes, we are staying in the local area just "downsizing" property only. We have finally admitted that it is way too much for us to take care of, especially since we both have ... Read more
New beginnings
Wednesday, January 04, 2012      5 comments

I know that I have been "hit or miss" on the computer for the past few days but, so very much is happening in our lives! Bob and I have decided to take the "next" step in our lives and have put our home up for sale. We are going to move into a... Read more
Mean,bad & ugly
Thursday, August 04, 2011      6 comments

This has been a mean, bad & UGLY year and it is only the beginning of August! Since January, we have had to have a new roof (supposedly it had a new one on it when we bought the house...they had an unlicensed guy do the work), $6000 The a... Read more
Wednesday, July 06, 2011      5 comments

Hello, I am Theresa and I am an addict. Until this past week, when my dsl line went out, I never realized that I had become so "addicted" to sparks and sparking! It was out from Thursday evening until Tuesday evening and I was a total (&... Read more
New law needed?
Thursday, June 23, 2011      8 comments

It seems that these days, people are more openly hurtful in what they say and do. Is it lack of morals, lack of discipline or just plain stupidity on their part? Do people have such low self-esteem that they feel it so necessary to continually... Read more
How do I.....?
Thursday, May 12, 2011      5 comments

I know that I am suppose to have the answer to this question but, I just don't...so, I am asking the question of my spark friends.... How do I channel all of my stress, depression, anxieties, feelings of failure, anger, feelings of rejectio... Read more
Did I???
Tuesday, March 29, 2011      9 comments

YES, I DID!!! First of all, I want to thank ALL of my spark friends and those that "just stopped by"!! I have never gotten more encouragement in my life! You guys/gals are the bestest in the whole world! YOU are what gave me back the mot... Read more
How do I?
Monday, March 28, 2011      12 comments

After a very emotional year, 2 surgeries, 4 1/2 months in casts, and gaining ALL of my weight back, how do I get the motivation to start again? I AM: walking, getting enough sleep, trying to eat right including fruits and vegetables, loggi... Read more
True Confessions...
Friday, February 04, 2011      9 comments

I am here to openly confess to my teams and friends, that I have gained all of my weight back. IF you have been following me this past year, you will know that I was doing great until May, when my mother-in-law passed away...Sept. my s... Read more
new outlook? hopefully!
Tuesday, December 28, 2010      7 comments

i just had the surgery on my right arm and get the stitches out thurs. it has only been 7 weeks since the op. on my left arm/wrist. with each day/night the pain increases as the nerves come to life and look for new places to re-attatch. on th... Read more
this too shall pass....
Saturday, December 04, 2010      10 comments

Well, surgery #1 is done and over. It has been 4 weeks but, the good thoughtful doctor took the brace/cast off of that arm after 2 weeks so that I would have at least one arm/hand to work with. I still have lots of limitations but, some hand ... Read more

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