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  • Getting Better

    6/2/2021 2:44:12 PM, by BRIDGETTEANNB2

    I got up today and exercised and found I felt better afterward. This road after depression is a hard one to come back from. I'm getting off the sugar and sugary treats. I'm trying to get my nutritional journal in order; eating the right things and keeping up the right calories. I have a habit of und... Read more

  • Keeping the Faith

    5/23/2021 10:29:51 PM, by BRIDGETTEANNB2

    I was at my weight loss goal last year but the Covert 19 virus hit my family circle. Now I have to loose 10 lbs. My husband was in the hospital for 11 days, my brother-in-law died of the virus, my family members started coming down with the virus even my elderly father who is in his 80s. I started g... Read more