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Food Allergies

Do food allergies affect your daily food choices? Connect with others who also share in this struggle.

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People with food allergies Suffering from food allergies makes dieting a very interesting experince. How do I substitute for Dairy? Meat? Nuts? Etc. Lets band together, loose weight and find tasty and healthy substitutes. Members: 3,044
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'The Plan" Lyn-Genet Recitas "The Metabolism Plan" Each person is unique! Lyn-Genet's "The Plan" helps you find what foods are friendly and which foods are reactive for YOU! Members: 523
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Allergic to Food?? Do you have food allergies? How do you cope with them? How have they changed your life? Members: 143
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Dieting while with children with food allergies Trying to diet right while keeping your food allergic child safe. Members: 46
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Living with a Nickel Allergy This team is for those that suffer from nickel allergies, from dermatitis to ingestion of it from food. We are here to help, support and learn from one another. Members: 14
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Lectin Free Living (ie Plant Paradox) This group is for people with any autoimmune disorder that is trying to correct through dieting and follow a Lectin free Life and follow people such as Dr. Stephen Gundry and The Plant Paradox Members: 13
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Starr Family Keeping track of weight loss and goals within the Starr Family Members: 2
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Intolerant of Potato's/Trying to limit dairy/wheat This team is for anyone with a potato intolerance or allergy. I never knew it existed until I was diagnosed with it & want to build resources for similar people. Members: 2
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