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Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!! Yesterday was a good day off! I got up, and got my w TEXASHSMOMOF3 29 ALLYLIZZY
6/16/21 1:50 P
I shouldn't have eaten those wild mushrooms 1DAY-ATA-TIME 24 IAMAGEMLOVER
6/16/21 1:14 P
6/16/21 1:14 P
I’ve started investing in stocks: beef, chicken, and vegetable. One day I hope to be a bouillonair JUSTJ2014 15 READY201811
6/16/21 8:33 A
GM Sparkers!! Hope your WellnessWednesday is off to a fabulous start! I am toggling the clear stuff STILLSPARKLEIGH 35 PCK12J
6/16/21 2:39 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 15 KAREN_EDMONDS
6/16/21 8:58 A
Hello, I love Spark and ALL of the amazing friends I have here. I am really trying to make a decisi DAKOTASMOMMY_07 6 NYLAURA1
6/14/21 9:19 P
Thank you Shaw family for the unique bench on the walkway through your property JIMIPAGE29 12 BCHARIE
6/14/21 5:51 P
Look at my little summer squash just starting! NANHBH 23 EEJAA70
6/14/21 11:52 P
6/15/21 8:21 P
Dinner is served 😋 Scallops with asparagus I tried the asparagus 2 ways since I always mess them u TMP0418 27 EVILCECIL
6/15/21 6:30 A
Posted a photo CHERIE38 21 ALLYLIZZY
6/15/21 12:36 A
Steaming hot green beans! #eattherainbow KITNKABOODLE89 12 TOCONNER
6/14/21 6:15 A
Congatulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just ke REJOHNSON3 9 GETITDONE79
6/13/21 4:57 P
Happy Sunday Dear Sparkers! Well the scale is slowly inching down. I never do a scale shot but heck COOKWITHME65 22 ROSEWCI
6/14/21 4:36 A
Reviewing my Goals again this morning! Seems I've CINDY247 29 PATRICIA-CR
6/13/21 5:58 P
Good morning beautiful friends ☺️ I’m having some critter problems 🐿 in my garden. This is where I JER-BER 16 ISNESS
6/13/21 9:01 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 14 CHERRYZMB60
6/12/21 11:55 P
6/12/21 10:33 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!! Yesterday was awesome!! Work went good - always laughi TEXASHSMOMOF3 26 AQUAGIRL08
6/12/21 7:35 A
Good Morning! Breakfast - Kodiak protein waffles with banana, coconut, sliced almonds and coffee fla NAVYWIFESKI 28 BECCAWEBB123
6/11/21 8:27 P
Good morning 🌞 VLRPRKS 22 BCHARIE
6/11/21 8:39 A
Q:How do you make a water bed bouncier? By adding spring water! JUSTJ2014 34 PWILLOW1
6/11/21 1:40 P
6/11/21 9:44 A
Posted a photo DAN1964 42 SPEDED2
6/12/21 2:16 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 14 NANASUEH
6/11/21 11:04 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 JUDYD207
6/9/21 9:54 P
Posted a photo TAYGRL 20 CHERRYZMB60
6/9/21 11:08 P
My brother Tim and his sweet grandson (pic taken last year). He was checked out at the trauma hospit TOMSGAL85 22 BCHARIE
6/7/21 8:59 A
Some of my meals and snacks from the weekend. My spin on deconstructed egg rolls, using ground chick KIBBGIRL 12 CHEIVOUS
6/7/21 2:24 P
Broken hearted, will miss everyone, a very special family we had here MSJOSIEFOREVER 29 CHERRYZMB60
6/7/21 11:55 P
Breakfast: egg over lentils and spinach, almond butter with cinnamon toast, frozen wild blueberries BECCAWEBB123 11 CATWMNCAT
6/7/21 10:06 A
45 years ago today I gave birth to beautiful blue eyed baby girl today she is a beautiful woman, mot LJBOWSER1 30 ALLYLIZZY
6/12/21 4:08 P
Just got back from my second trip to the gym!! So far 2 lbs down!! I’m happy 😊 BRIYOUNG3408 15 COOP9002
6/6/21 5:12 P
SparkPeople (shutting down Aug 2021) has been my community for so long and has been my morning focus JUSTJ2014 46 CHERRYZMB60
6/6/21 10:14 P
Good morning friends..doing now bi weekly check ins....steady ..n..slow progress....but PROGRESS con MSNBSEE 22 BCHARIE
6/6/21 8:36 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday!!! Thank you all for the birthday wishes, the goodies, th TEXASHSMOMOF3 31 WALKRUNFUN
6/8/21 1:47 P
I have been bike commuting to and from work. I got an Apple Watch for safety reasons. Still trying t HWNHMMBRD 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
6/6/21 9:27 P
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 10 FISHGUT3
6/6/21 2:00 P
"Into the garden I go to lose my mind and find my RANA!! 9 BCHARIE
6/6/21 8:28 A
6/6/21 4:12 P
fascinating how much room 5lb of fat takes up, my cloth are hanging off me.. wooohooo I am thrifty CHERIE38 18 HOBBESIS49
6/6/21 11:44 P
Visiting family in Ohio. This is how we do evening in the country! NANHBH 16 ROCKYCPA
6/6/21 3:14 P
Well, my weight loss has slowed down and I have been maintaining for the last couple of weeks. But m CLEARLIGHTCLARE 13 CARLOSLAKELAND
6/6/21 10:12 A
Posted a photo JAMESEVER 19 PYNETREE
6/6/21 9:23 A
Good Sunday Morning! I woke up feeling Wonderful!! Unfortunately this is very unusual.. I realize CINDY247 24 PATRICIA-CR
6/6/21 6:42 P
Stay Positive, Stay Motivated! Have a HAPPY SUNDAY! GRANDMOTHER20 25 MDOWER1
6/6/21 5:00 P
Message Removed CD23522024 20 PATRICIA-CR
6/6/21 6:41 P
Fun Facts About AVOCADOS: They contain more POTASSIUM than bananas. They are loaded with heart hea GREEN-EYED-LADY 19 ARTJAC
6/5/21 12:07 A
6/5/21 1:29 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 NANASUEH
6/5/21 11:22 A
Baked homemade egg rolls with lean turkey. JUSTJ2014 30 JUSTJ2014
6/6/21 7:32 A
Enjoying the great outdoors. It's a beautiful day, starting tomorrow we will be having the 3 H's (Ho HAPPY-CATHE 23 PATRICIA-CR
6/5/21 7:52 P
Spinach and Herb Turkey Breast Wrap w/ Pickled Gar CATWMNCAT 26 GEORGE815
6/4/21 11:14 P
Sourdough American sandwich BLANCAROMERO4 15 GEORGE815
6/4/21 11:13 P
Made a Mediterranean breakfast casserole last night for supper even though I was tired from the long AUNTRENEE 59 GETITDONE79
6/4/21 4:00 P
25 yrs old 135 lbs 🥲🥲🥲. 70 years old 289lbs😭😭😭a long way to get back DANCEPAM 9 CHERRYZMB60
6/4/21 11:58 P
Let me take a moment to give God some praise. Every now and then, I run across an old picture of me SPOKENWORD 46 -RUBIES-
6/6/21 11:03 A
surgery on my eyes allows me to see a whole new world! LEANJEAN6 47 CKOUDSI617
6/6/21 12:54 P
NSV I can now wear my bra without the extender. In another 2 inches, I will need a smaller bra. Sm CARRIEB51X 171 MARLENEINOHIO
6/4/21 5:45 P
Here is a thought.. 75HEALTHYME 18 LT3AG4S
6/4/21 8:28 A
Message Removed CD27080372 10 MOMMACAT57
6/3/21 1:52 P
Message Removed CD23522024 42 LSIG14
6/3/21 2:20 P
Message Removed CD26026042 19 CHERRYZMB60
6/3/21 9:49 P
Have a great Thursday ! We got this 💪 MELISSAMC4081 55 FRAN0426
6/3/21 5:57 P
A nice remedy for a bad day! EVIE4NOW 37 CHERRYZMB60
6/3/21 9:51 P
Finally made @TMP0418 's Peanutbutter Banana Overnight Oats... Cinnamon Dusted Tofu and Coffee on th CATWMNCAT 27 1STBUCKETITEM
6/5/21 1:04 A
So my sister and I did this thing. Been wanting to do it for years. Finally lost enough weight to do FINDING_SANDRA 155 FRAN0426
6/3/21 5:40 P
First haircut in two years!!! SPARKLAURAK 8 MELL65JOY
6/2/21 8:36 P
Happy Wednesday! CYBRVELD 6 BCHARIE
6/2/21 10:06 A
You really are! ☺️ #goalfeats #letyourlifeshine✨✨✨ STILLSPARKLEIGH 66 BOMBCHELL23
6/4/21 8:59 P
Sometimes it's hard to believe one year ago I had a mini-stroke. They found a hole in my heart. They AFWWTX 36 ALLYLIZZY
6/2/21 1:49 P
Yum yum 😋 Peanut butter banana overnight oats with a strawberry oikos.....delicious I hope you al TMP0418 15 -POOKIE-
6/3/21 3:12 A
6/3/21 11:24 A
Q:What’s a fruit’s favorite pick up line? This may sound bananas, but I find you appealing! JUSTJ2014 19 GEORGE815
6/1/21 6:00 P