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Happy Tuesday Sparklers! Wishing you all the best week of rockin' all of your goals doing whatever KARRENLYNN 13 CHERRYZMB60
5/11/21 10:15 P
Like most people who plateau in whatever goal they are working on, I want fast and consistent progre KARRENLYNN 23 FROLICINFLORIDA
5/4/21 8:17 A
My goal for May 4 is FOLLOW THROUGH! I am re-starting my journey tomorrow. My highest weight was 30 JOURNEYTO50 11 EVIE4NOW
5/4/21 12:54 A
Happy Monday Sparklers! I love finding new recipes and new ingredients that I like! Especially simp KARRENLYNN 22 VLRPRKS
5/4/21 5:32 A
I seem to be at a stall after a month! I haven’t lost or gained weight. I’ve kept up with tracking p ENERGIZED6 9 CHERRYZMB60
4/30/21 11:25 P
Happy Friday Sparklers! I'm finally learning to stop viewing healthier eating / exercising and losi KARRENLYNN 23 GEORGE815
4/30/21 3:57 P
Couldn't make it to the gym yesterday but spent 2 hours digging up 15+ year old azalea bushes and mo BOOKLOVER501 6 BILLTHOMSON
4/23/21 6:04 A
Happy Thursday Sparklers! Whatever you do - don't quit on yourself, because you're so worth it! Ta KARRENLYNN 11 GEORGE815
4/22/21 5:49 P
Happy Sunday Sparklers! I've been a little laid back on healthy habits, with no significant back sl KARRENLYNN 7 GEORGE815
4/18/21 6:02 P
Happy Friday Sparklers! - I'm learning to view my current plateau in a more positive perspective. KARRENLYNN 15 FURRYMOM1
4/17/21 5:41 A
Dinner was an epic fail! The guys wanted pizza. I did mange to hold it to 2 pieces so I guess that's HUMMINGBIRD1934 6 CATWMNCAT
4/13/21 10:18 P
Happy Tuesday Sparklers - Not a good week tracking anything - disappointed in my slide, but right no KARRENLYNN 23 KSE1018
4/14/21 6:45 A
I'm curious - I'm into self improvement in all areas of my life - What books, audios, podcasts, yout KARRENLYNN 7 GEORGE815
4/9/21 2:18 P
Happy Friday Sparklers! Take the day in stride, try some new things, Turn a negative thought or hab KARRENLYNN 17 GEORGE815
4/9/21 2:20 P
4/5/21 12:27 P
There are moments that are difficult. And sometimes I feel fat. But when I think I feel fat I rememb JUSTJ2014 4 GEORGE815
4/5/21 1:04 P
WooHoo! Milestone achieved! Just move from Class 3 Obesity to Class 2! MISSDORKNESS 8 1CRAZYDOG
4/5/21 5:41 P
Happy Monday Sparklers! I'm so happy I didn't quit! I've lost 30 lbs, which is 120 lbs less pressu KARRENLYNN 22 HICKOK-HALEY
4/6/21 12:45 A
Happy Friday Sparklers! While life does require a certain degree of flexibility to navigate, I am KARRENLYNN 20 DININA48MN
4/3/21 1:49 A
Happy Tuesday Sparklers! It's never too late to make a better choice. Every healthy choice you do m KARRENLYNN 11 GEORGE815
3/30/21 6:50 P
Day 9 of meeting and/or exceeding my personal exercise goal. #moveit GREYGIN 29 DWROBERGE
3/28/21 5:36 P
Posted a photo ALOUISE2885 29 ERIN_POSCH
3/28/21 9:29 A
I may not be able to to move tomorrow but I did an hour of Body Combat at the Park tonight. It was KATHYSCOTT6764 5 JUSTJ2014
3/28/21 8:47 A
Happy Saturday Sparklers! I yo yo +5 lbs after a stressful week. But I still weigh less than I have KARRENLYNN 17 KOSHIE1
3/27/21 11:11 P
Nurse came by today, wanted to check my lungs. I am 1 week into antibiotic therapy. I am not as cong LIVINGLOVINLIFE 13 JERSEYGIRL24
3/26/21 7:56 P
Happy Thursday Sparklers - Been a busy week and my routines with food and exercise have been off and KARRENLYNN 17 HOBBESIS49
3/26/21 1:08 A
Happy Monday Sparklers! Personally I've found that losing weight and getting in shape is about a lo KARRENLYNN 15 JER-BER
3/23/21 6:40 A
Happy Friday Sparklers! I'm a little disappointed that the scale didn't show a loss this morning, b KARRENLYNN 10 KSE1018
3/19/21 8:25 P
Happy Thursday Sparklers! It's amazing how easy it can be to slip back towards bad habits and I've KARRENLYNN 9 GEORGE815
3/18/21 4:39 P
I'm thankful for every better decision I make and forgiving of every not so stellar decision. Every KARRENLYNN 26 GETITDONE79
3/16/21 8:04 P
Work weight in day - only lost 1/2 pound - but it is better than gaining any!! Keep on working at i DECORAP 8 KAROLINA61313
3/16/21 4:07 P
Had my virtual Dr. Appt this morn, All my test results were Fantabulous my Dr. took me off 2 more me GRNEYEDSPANIARD 35 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
3/16/21 5:12 P
Good morning. I am looking for advice on counting calories. I have been given a calorie range of 120 LA13LA13 10 KOSHIE1
3/14/21 6:00 P
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 3 GEORGE815
3/14/21 4:29 P
Big change/challenge for me today! Normally my hubby and I eat a breakfast pizza on Sunday morning a GAMMATAMMI 8 GEORGE815
3/14/21 4:28 P
I'll take Green however it comes MOOKBALL 24 PWILLOW1
3/14/21 8:37 P
Opinions? Should I weigh myself on the scale daily weekly, or monthly? I just restarted back to foc SCRAPPER1124 9 CHERRYZMB60
3/14/21 9:11 P
Oatmeal with raisins walnuts and sliced apples BILLCARR 5 BANKER-CHUCK
3/14/21 12:02 P
Happy Sunday Sparklers! No doubt about it, some days this attitude is hard to shake, even though I KARRENLYNN 28 ERIN_POSCH
3/15/21 12:48 P
So I follow the Pound of Cure eating style. It's where you focus on eating 1 or more pounds of veggi EMVARGO 4 YOGA1973
3/10/21 4:56 P
NSV for today, I officially weigh less than it says on my driver's license!! That says 175, scale sa MIKKYB1984 4 MIKKYB1984
3/10/21 12:17 P
Every moment of everyday is the next best time to make good and better decisions in every area of li KARRENLYNN 6 GEORGE815
3/10/21 4:22 P
My little one has discovered the cutest yoga videos on Cosmic Kids and loves doing them! JANIMOEN 15 JANIMOEN
3/7/21 9:28 P
Happy Sunday Sparklers! I have noticed that I get really excited and committed to a new goal or ide KARRENLYNN 16 TOMKAIT
3/7/21 12:32 P
Happy Friday Sparklers! Today is Friday and I'm going to have a great day and stay on track! We ca KARRENLYNN 21 GEORGE815
3/5/21 4:11 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 13 NANASUEH
3/4/21 11:17 A
My COVID-19 Anniversary!! Ole bobble head self!! #slowandsteady #oneyearwednesday #BeforeAndAfter ARISISHELLE 29 ARISISHELLE
3/4/21 8:46 P
While I'm super happy to weigh in after a splurge and find no gain or even have a little loss - it k KARRENLYNN 12 GEORGE815
3/3/21 4:21 P
"We should start referring to 'age' as 'levels', so when you're lvl 80 it sounds more badass than ju NANASUEH 16 KARRENLYNN
3/3/21 11:56 A
WOOHOO I EARNED a new badge on the Spirited Under Dawg team a part of the 2021 Winter 5% Challenge!! DIANEDOESSMILES 23 TREKPURRSON
3/3/21 2:39 P
I'm finding that every time I give my self permission to be lax or skip a workout or have a food tha KARRENLYNN 13 GETITDONE79
3/2/21 9:34 P
Have a restful night! GARDENSFORLIFE 30 FURRYMOM1
2/28/21 5:34 A
it's my rest day but I couldn't resist doing some stretches. FRITZYS_MAMA 11 ROCKYCPA
2/28/21 12:02 P
It's amazing how fast a day can derail! I ended up working not my plans and it wasn't the best track KARRENLYNN 20 CD26508743
2/28/21 7:07 A
NSV: I bought a size smaller jeans without trying them on. Just tried them on. They are just a tad t LADYREBEL75 13 MJ7DM33
2/25/21 8:14 P
If any of you are looking for low-impact walking/aerobic home workouts, I highly recommend Rick Bhul SYZYGY922 5 READY201811
2/25/21 7:43 P
Hello - my name is Karrenlynn and I am a CARB ADDICT. I love pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and anyth KARRENLYNN 18 TSINSIN002
2/26/21 9:36 A
#BeforeAndAfter Working out Wednesday! On a side note have been holding on to this shirt for many ye GREENEMERALDGRL 11 KNEESOCKS1945
2/24/21 11:16 P
Day three of me starting over. Again. But I started. PIPPAMOUSE 4 RETAT60
2/24/21 10:39 P
So happy my blood sugars are back down to normal limits. Tomorrow will be a week since I started bac SKYFLIER49 5 ASHENPOND2
3/11/21 3:59 P
Slow and steady but got a 15 minute walk done. My health issues are too many to list but I do have t SKYFLIER49 7 GREYGIN
2/25/21 3:32 P
Mindset Reset. So important. SPARKLYEYES71 4 EVIE4NOW
2/24/21 11:25 P
Walked 3 laps in walmart 3TIMESAMOM 5 KNEESOCKS1945
2/24/21 11:10 P
I'm still learning to navigate the feeds, posts, friend pages, and interaction parts of the sparkpe KARRENLYNN 13 TSINSIN002
2/25/21 12:08 P
"I know it's tragic the Wi-Fi isn't working, but let me tell you a story of catastrophic proportions NANASUEH 31 KARRENLYNN
2/24/21 7:41 P
2/24/21 11:02 P
After months of work I finally did a full chin up!!! REJOYCE429 7 GEORGE815
2/24/21 7:53 P
Yes, I have a large weight goal, but since this time around I'm just working on 2 lbs a week and 1 c KARRENLYNN 18 TSINSIN002
2/25/21 12:10 P
This is me before Jenny Craig. I started January 17, 2021. I am almost 20 pounds down now but I stil AMUSICALLIFE 34 WHITECAT19
2/23/21 12:19 A
It is finally getting nice out side. So decided to go for a walk with the kids HAPPYMAMA2020 4 RUTHSHEPHERD1
2/22/21 3:31 P
Late lunch, but back on track. Spinach salad greens, tomato, walnuts, avocado, shredded cheese and QSIESUE1960 6 BARBIEE52
2/22/21 6:22 P
Ok scale, stick to your number, today I don't care because I lost 19 lbs so far and today I went sho KARRENLYNN 33 JTHEALTHY1
2/22/21 8:15 A
Everyone who was on a health journey with me bailed out. I also ended up not being able to afford th PLUSULTRAGOALS 13 CLAIREMC65
2/19/21 8:33 P
I'm curious - do most of you follow a particular diet plan or more just tweak your bad habits? Pers KARRENLYNN 28 MNABOY
2/19/21 9:26 P
Well, just ate my "normal" food yesterday on my 1st day. Yikes, was an eye opener with calorie amoun SKYFLIER49 5 GEORGE815
2/19/21 3:58 P