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Mother’s Day means a delicious breakfast bake, fil MIAMI_LILLY 24 75HEALTHYME
5/9/21 10:58 P
Happy Mother's Day to all who have a mothering role! I've had a short walk with the dogs, ate breakf MRSLAURAKCRAWFO 7 GEORGE815
5/9/21 1:54 P
I am down 10 pounds after two weeks. I am feeling great about that and more importantly, I noticed KMO2021 6 PEGJW111
5/9/21 3:14 P
Good morning everyone! Happy Mother's Day! I'm finally feeling well enough to start cooking again af LEWOODS55 18 4EVERDIETER
5/9/21 2:10 P
Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who fulfills that role. We did 60 minutes on the stairstepper, 30 min AKPIPER 11 CLICK50
5/9/21 8:17 P
I made my challenge! 7 days walking without fail. Now I'll see how many more days I can make it. Hap LINDERDINDER 4 DWROBERGE
5/9/21 6:26 P
Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, Godmothers, stepmothers, fur mothers, & women who NANHBH 8 CHERRYZMB60
5/9/21 11:44 P
5/9/21 1:59 P
5/9/21 2:00 P
What are you reading? APRILNYC 3262 LADYCALICO
5/9/21 11:46 P
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 11959 REJOHNSON3
5/9/21 11:17 A
5/10/21 12:21 A
5/9/21 9:59 P
Change 1 Letter To Make A New Word JTREMBATH 24565 PATRICIAAK
5/9/21 9:40 P
Change one of 5 letters or rearrange them SHEZTHERUNNER 88838 PATRICIAAK
5/9/21 9:52 P
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 124902 PATRICIAAK
5/9/21 10:01 P
Change a letter or rearrange POST TO GET 10 POINTS RYELEWIS 34322 PATRICIAAK
5/9/21 1:36 P
Change one of four letters and/or rearrange RMUL2013 7884 PATRICIAAK
5/9/21 1:37 P
Change One of Five Letters or Rearrange ZOEYBLU 5487 PATRICIAAK
5/9/21 1:36 P
Chaneg one letter to make a new word GENCAT 128564 PATRICIAAK
5/9/21 9:41 P
Change a letter OLYGIRL1 21623 PATRICIAAK
5/9/21 1:28 P
Change A Letter SKEETER3 40697 PATRICIAAK
5/9/21 11:24 P
Change a letter TLAVEN2 81627 PATRICIAAK
5/9/21 5:38 P
5/9/21 1:43 P
5/9/21 5:38 P
5/9/21 1:53 P
Everyone’s journey is different. A year ago I was MATTHEWKEAN 4 GEORGE815
5/8/21 6:08 P
Hubby doing a cook out si made sure I got healthy options DAWNSTONE65 3 GEORGE815
5/8/21 6:10 P
Since I have fallen in love with fruits, veggies, whole grains, seeds/nuts and low fat meat and dai CARRIEB51X 5 GEORGE815
5/8/21 6:09 P
The sun is out but low 40s. High in 50s. Hoping to get lots of steps in outside today. JERICHO1991 5 ROCKYCPA
5/8/21 11:24 P
My first full weekend on plan. Yesterday went off the rails, still with in calorie intake , just no BEVERLYORWIG 4 GEORGE815
5/8/21 6:14 P
Taking good care of me through three funerals in 8 days and major one in near future fo rson of be LINDAF49 8 GARDENSFORLIFE
5/8/21 7:51 P
Took a different route today and it only took 33 minutes. But I did most of it at 18 mpg instead of LINDERDINDER 6 BILLTHOMSON
5/9/21 6:35 A
Got done with bike. 5 miles in 20:54 minutes. Now time for breakfast of super beets and Airborne. Th QSIESUE1960 2 KOFFEENUT
5/7/21 10:01 A
Received Yenti cup for Mothers Day. This pleases the coffee drinker in me. Slpt 14 hrs w chills due BEVERLYORWIG 3 COWGRANDMA
5/7/21 12:21 P
My weight does not seem to change but I have lowered my Cholesterol big time! THYROIDGAL 5 OOKLATHEMOK
5/7/21 2:04 P
So excited to try the new Premier Protein flavors. Caramel is still my favorite, so far... Cookies & PHOENIX81RISING 8 GEORGE815
5/7/21 3:56 P
30 minutes of walk away the pounds now to pack the camper. A 3 day getaway. LJBOWSER1 4 1STBUCKETITEM
5/7/21 4:14 P
I went even earlier today. Out the door at 5:30 for 35 minutes walking at 18 minutes per mile. Anoth LINDERDINDER 5 BONNIE1552
5/8/21 7:42 A
Breakfast - Italian egg white wrap with sauteed spinach, garlic and feta, grilled tofu dusted with c NAVYWIFESKI 29 GODS-PRINCESS
5/7/21 8:06 P
Last night my 5 year old informed me that the bait store doesn't just sell lollipops. It sells fish CHEETARA79 5 GEORGE815
5/6/21 6:19 P
Yesterday morning I weighed myself and I’m at 134.4 on the scale, which makes it 80.6 pounds down fr JOYWILSON383 9 JER-BER
5/7/21 6:02 A
Got out of work early toy and going in late today. Yesterday was weights and cardio and today was a MOMBOYS2 3 GEORGE815
5/6/21 6:25 P
Have a great day. A good day to look at what we are thankful for. I am grateful for sparkpeople. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 21 KITT52
5/7/21 10:28 A
Wednesday step count. Went for an evening walk with the kids. Made my 10,000 steps...barely, but I m KIBBGIRL 14 GMACAMI
5/6/21 9:40 P
I did it. Out the door at 5:45. Got in 35 minutes and not getting ready for my appointment. #movei LINDERDINDER 9 BONNIE1552
5/8/21 7:46 A
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 3 KOFFEENUT
5/5/21 9:57 A
Looking forward to wheat tortilla pb and banana w yogurt for breakfast. Kidding, I just need coffee BEVERLYORWIG 2 KOFFEENUT
5/5/21 9:46 A
Peppermint Mocha Overnight Oats🍭🍫☕... it was good but needs some tweaking. Happy Humpy, Windy, Wi CATWMNCAT 13 SPEDED2
5/5/21 8:20 P
Did 12 minutes on the elliptical last night as well as some work with dumbbells. PEPPY77 2 KOFFEENUT
5/5/21 9:45 A
Rainy day but may go to the grocery, I am hosting Mother's Day dinner and have not decided what to c ORTATK 4 SPEDED2
5/5/21 8:32 P
Been working hard since the first of the year, but get frustrated with the numbers on the scale. Lit KSHIPE 5 GEORGE815
5/5/21 3:49 P
It's spring so that means walking outside. Thank you Lord for the spring season. It looks like the g MSJOFUNNSEXY 11 GEORGE815
5/5/21 3:44 P
On this Choose Day Tuesday I choose to reflect on my Sunday Post, Soul food Sunday. I posted a big p DLBEASYRIDER 8 WHITECAT19
5/6/21 12:15 A
Happy Tuesday to all ...You are all Amazing and I appreciate you ❤️ DIANER62 12 CACHANILLA64
5/4/21 10:56 A
Monday Monday! Step count and short but sweaty work out! #DigDeep #FitAt47 #MeetYourGoals KIBBGIRL 7 HAPPYCPA1965
5/5/21 9:06 A
You can start late, look different, be uncertain, and still succeed. Misty Copeland JOHNMARTINMILES 3 CHRISTINEM80
5/4/21 10:38 A
Good morning friends!! Got my bike done in 21:09 minutes. Now onto a shower and then some grapes and QSIESUE1960 3 KOFFEENUT
5/4/21 9:59 A
I bought my first blender on Friday! Enjoying the different things I can make This morning was choco HEATHER12O 6 BAMA60
5/4/21 10:47 A
cloudy and rained last night hope to spread mulch today in two patches of the garden ORTATK 4 SPEDED2
5/4/21 9:31 P
Just when you think you're a good aerobic dancer and can pick up anything the first time, along come MIKKYB1984 3 KOFFEENUT
5/3/21 12:43 P
Trying to set some goals. I've been really slacking on my exercise in the last couple of months. S PEPPY77 2 KOFFEENUT
5/3/21 12:42 P
House is clean dishwasher running a fantastic nutritious breakfast and about to be a morning workout NATASHA_D1 4 JAMER123
5/4/21 10:34 P
Yesterday turned out ok despite the sleep changes. Sleep is still kind of rocky. Its going to take JAGODWIN2 3 KOFFEENUT
5/3/21 12:39 P
Made violet and lavender water to flavor my water! Shooting for a maximum of water daily! ALICEBEADS 2 KOFFEENUT
5/3/21 12:37 P
Thank you this morning for your beautiful pictures, motivation and sharing of struggles. You lifted HAPPIESTLADY 2 KOFFEENUT
5/3/21 12:36 P
having oatmeal w/banana, scrambled eggs w/bell pepper and spinach and half a bagel for breakfast HAPPYMAMA2020 6 GEORGE815
5/3/21 6:13 P
Yogurt with Berries & Pecans and Cinnamon Dusted Tofu... Have a Wonderful Day🍍👑💕 CATWMNCAT 18 JANS-JOURNEY
5/2/21 11:06 P
Good Morning! You are a rare gem & exclusive, a limited edition. There is only ONE OF YOU! Have an GRANDMOTHER20 9 GEORGE815
5/2/21 3:41 P
I only reached my goal twice last week. I will do better. #eattherainbow MINILOVER1 5 BONNIE1552
5/2/21 10:00 P
“To do anything truly worth doing, I must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and dang JOHNMARTINMILES 4 ISNESS
5/2/21 12:48 P
Great start for the week!! Not only did I start my new challenge, I added the 40 milechallenge for t RENEEMI 6 BONNIE1552
5/2/21 9:41 P
Going to start the 5K your way walk/jog challenge and work back up to a 30 minute 5K over the next 1 JENNIFER_STRONG 2 KOFFEENUT
5/2/21 10:33 A
It seems our weather pattern is 1 day "spring", next week end of winter. I keep reminding myself, C STORKBYTE 2 KOFFEENUT
5/2/21 10:32 A
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 3 GEORGE815
5/1/21 5:09 P