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How are you doing on No S? CD15257479 3517 ALIHIKES
6/20/21 1:51 A
New Binge-Free 21 Days Streak! Join us! MARYONE 43324 JOL1KEY2BOL3
6/19/21 4:18 P
LBM- what is my life about between meals? +/- OOLALA53 1538 TOTHEFUTURE1
6/15/21 8:49 A
Need some advice, my Spark friends! Just got my latest lab results back. While my sugar is 110 (grea SILVER_T 6 CHERRYZMB60
6/10/21 10:20 P
I'm definitely going to miss this platform as it's always been so encouraging. I have no idea what SASYPHRAS 23 CHERRYZMB60
6/10/21 10:25 P
Honored to be Team Member of the Week on the Emotional Eaters team! https://www.spar rkpeople.com/mysp OOLALA53 4 7STIGGYMT
5/24/21 2:38 P
Daily Check In CD12088329 5181 OOLALA53
5/24/21 7:20 A
Team Member Of The Week for May 23-29 PATRICIAAK 7 DEBANNE1124
5/24/21 10:46 P
Walking... or should I say climbing, the trails in East Palisades Park in Atlanta Georgia! 💚 -RESAMARIE 21 DEE107
5/22/21 9:40 P
Message Removed CD22556053 11 EEJAA70
5/22/21 9:13 P
Pool is open hopefully this hot and humid temperature will warm it up faster LJBOWSER1 12 EEJAA70
5/22/21 9:12 P
Haven't been tracking these days since I am travelling. But I'm watching what I eat, although most o BOOKNUT52 11 GRALAN
5/23/21 12:19 P
Posted a photo MELOBEE 11 GRAMMYEAC
5/22/21 10:44 P
Left Fitcamp early to get my haircut. I still got 44 minutes of full body workout. So, I am golden o UASK4ITDAVE 18 ALLYLIZZY
5/23/21 2:23 P
I just don't want to look or feel like this anymore. The journey starts today. SHARIFREEWILL 54 ZTGF04
5/23/21 1:40 A
Tomorrow I get to go take a Covid test that could release me from new visitor quarantine in London. OOLALA53 6 TARATARA47
5/24/21 8:48 A
Daily chat OOLALA53 398 OOLALA53
5/22/21 8:22 A
Strategies for not overeating at night? TMS1231 157 AEVANSNUTRITION
6/8/21 6:35 P
Today my brother graduated with his PhD!! We celebrated him and surprised him! GCWILLI1 58 GEORGE815
4/25/21 2:39 P
trying hard to exercise daily LEANJEAN6 47 JUSTJ2014
4/27/21 5:58 P
Just spent the most wonderful 4 hours alone with my 2 year old grandson. This is the first time I've LOVESTYPOS 10 GEORGE815
4/25/21 2:40 P
Evening all, today is hopefully my first day of my new way of life. I would like to become strong a STRONGFITBY55 15 GEORGE815
4/25/21 2:39 P
I have been making excuses for too long. I need to start and not talk myself out of continuing. I ca NEWVIEW91 14 GEORGE815
4/25/21 2:40 P
Dinner - 8 oz grilled Mahi Mahi, tossed salad with vinegarette dressing, and double portion of the o KARENWILL2 32 GEORGE815
4/25/21 2:37 P
Walked 80 minutes. OOLALA53 22 7STIGGYMT
4/25/21 6:11 P
There is hardly any participation on the Emotional Eaters team, but I know you're out there. Where a OOLALA53 6 TARATARA47
4/22/21 11:42 A
What's Your Last Fruit or Veggie That You Ate... RORYLYONS 12906 MISSY455
6/19/21 9:55 P
I passed nine years of maintaining a 40+ lb. loss this month. Despite having a high-ish fat mass, on OOLALA53 11 OHMEMEME
3/25/21 2:18 P
find calorie needs and change signature OOLALA53 8 OOLALA53
3/24/21 10:37 P
My links don’t work when I am reading the articles that come up on my home page. Is there a way to f MJPFITNOW 3 OOLALA53
3/24/21 10:28 P
Not the best day ... I weighed myself lost 1 pound ... better than gaining but .... anyway BREAKFAS ENNAZUS176 5 COOLHEELS
3/25/21 12:41 A
Finally growing some wheels lol. Grow legs grow DMANDRUS1980 2 OOLALA53
3/24/21 10:25 P
So grateful for my friends that have joined me in my quest for better fitness and better health! We CKLIMACK 6 KATHYR46
3/25/21 12:16 A
My husband, Travis, and how I look as of March 2021. GOTPIGS 12 ZRIE014
3/25/21 12:27 A
I got my exercise in today for sure...hope to do likewise tomorrow before the weather goes to pot... DARLENEK04 28 SUNQUEE
3/25/21 11:31 A
Homemade chili was waiting for me after my walk today. Mr. Bear was busy in the kitchen. I love this WYTCHHAZYL 32 METAFUKARI
3/25/21 12:34 A
6 weeks ago I could do two pushups. Could hold a plank for 15 seconds. Now I can do 3 sets of 10 pus YARNKITTEN13 7 RETAT60
3/25/21 12:01 A
Looking to find a group for exercises but not standing- like chair exercises or seated. Can’t stand FAER33 4 TLV106
3/21/21 10:46 P
I didn't make it past a week; am going to get my baby back Wednesday. CHERYLSCOTT54 2 OOLALA53
3/21/21 7:22 P
As of today, I am a 2-year open-heart surgery survivor! PERRYBABE 9 OOLALA53
3/21/21 2:19 A
Patting myself on the back for logging an entire day. Even the bad stuff 😜 I accounted for! RHETTDOG 9 OOLALA53
3/21/21 2:18 A
I exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 13 GINNABOOTS
3/21/21 1:18 P
32,401 steps and 302 active minutes today! WESSBERGERON 13 GEORGE815
3/21/21 12:54 P
I've discovered that I can keep myself on the treadmill longer if I put on a YouTube or other video HMKITTEN 10 GEORGE815
3/21/21 12:54 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 27 GEORGE815
3/21/21 12:49 P
I celebrated the first day of spring by attending a seminar on pruning and buying new pruners. Looki MIGARDENLADY 6 PLCHAPPELL
3/21/21 5:41 A
If you are sticking to your plan but not losing, I highly recommend saving your pennies and paying f OOLALA53 14 TARATARA47
3/22/21 9:05 A
Hello everyone, newbie here with the hope of losing 90 pounds! JOHNNYCRAVEN 12 ALLYLIZZY
3/21/21 3:13 P
No wonder we have a weight problem in this country. Of the 21 recipes from the New York Times most p OOLALA53 8 LUANN_IN_PA
3/17/21 5:18 P
Virtual Coffee Break LIV2RIDE 3856 HOLLYSTORMCLOUD
6/19/21 12:02 P
Just doing a bit of uncluttering in the house is amazingly beneficial for my self esteem. I feel so SPARKLYEYES71 10 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/7/21 7:45 A
The human body evolved to accommodate around 2% of its total calories per year from sugar. The only OOLALA53 5 TABATHA_CAIN
2/27/21 8:21 P
My self is not an object that can be weighed, measured, or captured in a picture. I am more than my OOLALA53 5 MDOWER1
2/26/21 5:48 P
Gearing up for another work weekend. Went to the gym again last night. Focused on cardio and lig DANIRENEE2015 2 OOLALA53
2/26/21 12:00 P
2/26/21 11:20 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 32 CHERRYZMB60
2/26/21 11:21 P
In a class on abnormal psychology, the instructor was about to introduce the subject of manic depres NANASUEH 4 TERMITEMOM
2/26/21 11:21 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 SPEDED2
2/26/21 9:09 P
Happy Weekend Sparklers Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather This is my last overnight oats, thi VIVIAN39 13 SYZYGY922
2/26/21 12:54 P
Just had breakfast with 1 scrambled egg, spinach, tomato and hash browns. Vey good and easy breakfas PORTIAWILLIS 5 GYNGER12
2/27/21 9:40 A
Death of a Leader DEBANNE1124 9 OOLALA53
2/24/21 3:39 P
Day 8: Create Time and Energy FINDINGSANDY 314 OOLALA53
2/24/21 3:34 P
What a difference a week makes. Looking a my neigh KRISTIN1868 22 MDOWER1
2/24/21 5:57 P
The more processed the food, the more of it it takes to reach satiety. Planning accordingly! OOLALA53 2 7STIGGYMT
2/24/21 5:46 P
Welcome to our challenge's private chat. Use this space to say 'hi' and let us know how you did today. 😁 BECCA199207 5 OOLALA53
2/23/21 1:59 P
This is what it looks like everyday where I live. Freezing, grey, no sun and usually the snow never OPTICALXILLUSIO 11 MIAMI_LILLY
2/21/21 8:38 A
Hi, i'm new to spark people but have been pursuing weight loss since August last year. I'm 29, 5'8 f SIENNA24 6 CLAIREMC65
2/20/21 8:34 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 14 PATRICIA-CR
2/20/21 8:44 A
❄Have a good weekend ❄ 🤗 DXTECH 24 ERIN_POSCH
2/20/21 12:28 P
Having a hard time staying consistent logging in to SP. I made it 5 days and then stopped. Keep movi KIRDAY 12 MSMOSTIMPROVED
2/19/21 8:44 P
I am trying to change the person in this picture. Out of shape and not feeling good about herself. SWEATGAGIRL3 14 NOCALORIES
2/17/21 12:03 A
Mantra: I may not be able to prepare ideal food when I am stressed or busy, but it is still not a re OOLALA53 6 ALICIA363
2/17/21 6:00 A
Food swamps are a stronger predictor than food deserts on obesity rates among people in the U.S. Tha OOLALA53 10 TARATARA47
2/19/21 9:14 A
Making great progress! I’m finally losing again after a bit of a plateau! This is so encouraging for SHERRYMATI93 23 CASEYLYNN951
2/17/21 5:06 P
Not losing weight is a lousy reason to go overboard on junky food. It is your body's set point tryin OOLALA53 5 TARATARA47
2/19/21 9:14 A