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3/13/18 1:54 P

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I know exactly how you feel, at 12 months my son wasn't saying anything at all. His hearing test came back fine and we did a "wait and see". Our doctor said that you don't need to be concerned if he understands what YOU are saying. For example, if you say go throw this away, or go find your shoes and he knows what you are talking about and can find, or do whatever you asked. My son did not understand, if you said hand me your shoe, he would just look at you and clearly not understand what you were talking about. We had a speech evaluation and he has been in some form of speech therapy since he was 2. He will now be 5 tomorrow and talks up a freaking storm! You're doing what you should! You are on top of it and dealing with it early before he gets too far behind. My son is ending up having to do 3 years of preschool and he is going to start kindergarten at 6 but we are slowly closing the gap and hopefully before long there will be no way of knowing he started off a little bit slower. Good luck with your well check and remember that you are his mom, if you feel like something is off don't let them just brush it away, it doesn't hurt to just check. Let us know what happens emoticon

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2/21/18 11:15 A

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Sorry this reply is so late - I'm not so good at checking team boards and am just seeing your post now.

Seems like our sons are approximately the same age - mine is also going to be 3 this month (February). Our son is a little bit behind verbally as well, and we do read to him, talk to him, etc. and have since he was a baby - he knows a lot of words, but is not quite up to where his peers are in terms of expressing complex thoughts - which is frustrating to him and sometimes causes epic tantrums. We actually just had a meeting with his preschool teachers about this, in fact. The odd thing is, he is very advanced in other ways - but despite coming from a very verbal household (two lawyers who never shut up!), this is one area he's having some trouble with right now.

I know you've already been told that many other kids don't talk until after 3 and turned out OK (my husband is one - and as I noted, he became a lawyer) -- but that doesn't stop your worry, of course! We're a little worried, too - and have made an appointment to have him assessed just to make sure there is nothing else going on.

In short - I unfortunately don't have tons of answers or advice (though if I learn any after our assessment happens, I'll share), but wanted to reach out to let you know you're not alone. :)

I hope you've already talked to your doctor and gotten some reassurance and/or suggestions to help your son along.

But please don't worry that his speech issues are because of something YOU have done or not done for him. Keep reading to him, and trying to engage him in conversation - this is how kids learn, and he may actually know much more language than he is letting on in his speech. It may not happen as fast as you'd like, but I can tell from your post that you are a concerned mom who is doing all she can/should for her child. Hang in there!

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10/31/17 12:10 A

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I am so stressed and worried, y'all... My son is 20 months old (he will be 3 in February) and he still doesn't talk! He says little words like "cookie", "mama", "dada", "no", "yeah", "wow".. but that's really about it. I've heard him say "Puppy" in the past but he hasn't said it since...

As a baby (up to a year old, maybe a few times after reaching 12 months) he had constant/ back-to-back ear infections... He was constantly on antibiotics and we went to see an ENT specialist several times... Each time, he would say that my son was fine and that he saw no reason for the tubes to be put in his ears...

He has had his hearing checked and it came back fine. I'm just worried. He goes on November 1st for his 2-year check up (I have no clue why they scheduled it so late considering he will be 3 in February) and I'm definitely going to say something to his doctor... but has anyone else gone through this?

Everyone around me says not to worry... that he just isn't ready and he'll talk when he wants to... I've had people tell me their kids didn't talk until after 3...

It's just frustrating. I feel like he's behind and it makes me so sad! It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong!

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