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CD7491374 Posts: 562
1/11/12 11:41 P

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He is never infront of me or behind me-- he's always beside me. He could squash me like a bug with his brains and never ever does. I had an ex-boyfriend who would lord his brains over me and mock me for what I didn't know (even when he knew little of what he was talking about--but he knew i couldn't argue to save my life). My Handsome is perfect for me like that. He always builds me up. ALWAYS. Even when I am wrong he will tell me I am wrong but he wont do it in a 'mean' way. I can tell he loves me just as much as I love him. He's a present I believe that was literally sent to me from God (we met at a Christian Camp in college). I don't ever want to be without him.

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1/6/12 1:48 P

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I am an adrenaline junkie and sometimes don't know when I should probably say no to something. He is much more practical. I feel like we both push each other in different ways. We just balance each other out.

Boston, MA

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1/3/12 11:08 A

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I'm.."adventure" prone. If something stupid can happen, it will, and it will happen to me. I had had minor surgery and was in recovery. Happily, he had insisted on going to the hospital with me, because while in recovery I was offered toast and gladly accepted. I fell asleep mid-chew and ended up partially inhaling said toast. He managed to dig the toast out of my windpipe while I woke up to the sounds of him screaming hysterically at a nurse about how I could have choked to death and no one would have known. Granted he over reacted after the fact, but in the moment he just automatically did what was necessary. He frequently reaffirms my decision to husband him by constantly saving my bacon from the stupidity I frequently find myself entrenched in.

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12/18/11 7:51 P

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Mine was when my old friend from high school and I reconnected. When he walked in the door of my house to catch up over coffee we both just knew it. I found out he even remembered my outfit and what we were talking about the last time we saw each other :)

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12/16/11 1:06 P

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Mine was instant. The moment I saw him across the room it was like my soul was saying "That's him!!" He came over to talk to me later that night and we have been inseperable ever since. He exceeds any expectation or want I ever had - it is amazing to know I am not settling, I never say 'oh I wish he did this or I wish this or that' I found the one I am meant to be with and I love it!

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12/3/11 4:54 A

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For me, it was when my (at the time friend) drove 250 miles from Manchester to south England on a Sunday morning, spend 8 hours with me, then drove 250 miles home again just to make sure I was okay, restock my cupboard, and buy me lunch. He lifted my heart when it was broken, he was oh so protective of me, and I fell in love with him there and then!

There are so many things he has given me the strength and freedom to do, to try, and to achieve. It's not what he can give me; it's what he can teach me to give myself. And amazingly enough, I seem to do the same thing for him!

How about you? How do you know your spouse to be is the one for you?

Just because you have been through the rain of life doesn't mean I have to walk around in wet clothes forever; there is a warm towel, a big hug, and a mug of low fat cocoa waiting for you somewhere!

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