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8/5/11 11:58 A

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You know, I've always said that I didn't want my Dominant to get involved in areas of nutrition and exercise. I need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loves me and is attracted to me just as I am.
And yet, I've recently reconnected with a former Dom, and we're right back to the old wonderful power dynamic we always had. This time, however, I'm perfectly comfortable with him holding me accountable and encouraging/ordering me in areas of fitness and health. I don't know why the switch happened, but I'm grateful for it. I still know without question that he loves and is attracted to me, but also that he cares about my wellbeing enough to help me with my motivation.
So, he makes sure I drink the water I need, take my vitamins, and get some sort of physical activity in every day. I get all kinds of praise and encouragement from him, which helps tremendously. He says he's going to start pushing me harder though, so I'm a little excited about that, and a little anxious as well. Not sure how I'll respond, but I'm willing to try.

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7/11/11 9:29 A

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My Sir has full control over this aspect and it is what drives me to succeed and not slack off.

Losing the weight was my idea, I wanted to be healthier and slim down as I had recently gained some weight due to stress and a major life change. When I started this a month ago, I knew that I tended to lack self discipline so I asked Sir if he would take control of this aspect and hold me accountable.

He requires that I log all of my meals (including drinks, spices and condiments) on Spark and then we review it together every night. He makes sure that I am eating the right amount of calories as well as the appropriate spread of carbs, fats and proteins. If he sees that I am not eating enough of one thing (I love fruits and veggies and load up on them but find it hard to eat all of the required proteins) or not balancing my calories across the entire day, then he will tweak my meals for the next day.

Because I have been eating healthy for a month (and down 11 pounds), I knew it was time to get serious about adding exercises into my routine. He gives me instructions on what exercise/activity I need to do each day and for how long. When I failed to get my 30 min walk in on Saturday, he didn't allow me to give excuses. As it is 106* out, I was given two options:
1. Set my alarm for 6 am and walk 45 mins the next morning before the sun came up and it got too hot.
2. I could power walk at the mall and enjoy the air conditioning, but had to walk for an hour to make up for not working out the day before.

I know that I have a long way to go to meet my goals, but having someone who loves me unconditionally the way that I am, yet still expects and requires me to be self disciplined is making it so much easier and enjoyable.

7/11/11 5:57 A

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Might work for some. You'd have to be a switch though and I couldn't even do that.

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7/11/11 5:52 A

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I met a couple on another site who are two female bisexual switches. They're just sort of "friends with benefits" rather than a couple, but have become weight-loss buddies. Their motivation? Whenever one lags behind, the other becomes Domme and kicks their butt into shape!

Has anyone else done anything like this? My Master is very good at encouraging me to eat healthily and tut-tutting at me when he sees me with something naughty, but I wonder what it would be like to be in a situation where the person who had control over me was the one watching my diet. I've always been into food regulation and such, but my Master isn't. Ho hum. Still an interesting thought.

Anyone else?

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